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Gen Dv on Malboro FFXIV
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trencher, Feb 1, 08 4:11 PM.

Well, as the Cat asked nicely here is a belated and short update for the masses.

A couple of Kirins. A lot of them with 18 or less people. Go go SMN army.

Limbus is always a good time and Omega is a huge wuss.

Who kites Behemoth?

SAM army makes for pretty Screen shots.

Of course even doing Limbus these days is a small victory in it’s self. LS Leaders engage in idle banter to ensure their spot.

Oemga of course leads to the loot wjoreing. (Ed. Note: Is that an NQ MANTLE??!!!!)

Lethy is the NM master and his trusty LS is never far behind.

lolHydra. Why are we fighting this thing? Why am I NRK? Why oh Jebus why?

As many of you know, Ramuh’s finest SAM is an Alaskan native. Which makes ‘em an easy target…

I’d also like to take a moment to say goodbye to some of our oldest members and friends who have recently decided to enjoy the outside world.

The Raven’s will be sorely missed, as well as many others. You will always have a place at the table.

Keep on keeping on Ramuh. Oh and if you’re wondering. hero aint going anywhere suckers.

Hawt pants!

trencher, Oct 24, 07 12:32 AM.
Its a rare occasion that I post an update for just one loot wjore award. However, our little Raceybear just got her new pants from the tailors and I just couldn't resist.

No alternate text supplied.

And of course teem Slavage. Nothing but fanservice.
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No alternate text supplied.

Even if Lethy dreams of me and wakes you up. You still win the loot wjore award this month. Keep on keeping on Ramuh.

update for joo!

trencher, Aug 8, 07 10:10 AM.

Yeah, yeah. Here it is in all its glory. Been a good year so far in hero. Lots of good times and here is just a small taste of the fun and games. Enjoy Ramuh.

Tanking Ulli with NRK & PIN. Can someone explain why anyone ever kites him? (editors note: Notice how Trencher’s godliness makes him float in the air)

Congratulations to Boz on a new baby girl and a pretty shiny thing.

Lordraven is the lewt wjore.

Every time the servers reset Nukky runs for the Flappy. Alas he will never give up his sword of powerz….

Zal is a loot whore amamagawd!

Custard attack!!!!

Self explanatory.

Teem BLU doing what they do best. Make me look smexxy in action poses.

I love going AFK and coming back to stimulating LS chat and tells like this….

What do you do when you’re bored with 5 people? Why pop Ix’aern of course.

We are so rich……

Paulo is a loot wjore too…

I don’t know what your LS does while camping Cerberus, but we like to play “Who’s Air spirit is king”.

Oh Genbu, will you never learn?

Both TAL and we enjoy the endless wait for lolskyLS’s to take 40 minutes to kill things…


Teem ISBCNM running the playbook before the fight.

Sat took a little vacation and we speculated his demise.

WJORE is born!

Rapture’s love for me makes me glow. Notice he made my pants disappear…

Me and Racey out shilling rawrRNG for all the Aegis that keep popping up.


I shoot thee with my gun of powerz dragonzzzz!!!!

Fatty steals my Seacom…

Me and Lethy discuss important things late in the night.

Cayman is a loot whore.

Buy 2 get the 3rd one free!

Sea drops things? I guess it does. G is a loot whore.

I do not endorse stealing mobs, but Racey does…

Lethy and Hito are so in love….

Slavage is awesome. We have been getting lots of good drops. Turning Cori into, yes you guessed it, a loot whore….

Next time I’m walking….

And last but certainly not least. Zal hits one out of the park.

And on that note, I leave you to laugh, giggle, envy and lament things. Keep on keeping on Ramuh. We’re still here to chew bubble gum and kick ass. To bad we are all out of bubble gum.


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