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The Old Guard is proud to be a part of The Older Gamers community.

The Older Gamers (TOG) is a community of gamers consisting of friendly, vibrant people who can remember playing Pacman on an Atari 2600 and still enjoy gaming today. Our members range in age from the TOG minimum of 25 to their 70's. We have 35,000+ registered members and span 20 countries from around the globe. We have active divisions in 20+ games and have 50+ active guilds/clans within those games.

The Older Gamers offer:

- Front page content contributed by members
- Content fed from the major gaming news outlets
- Blogs available to all members upon request
- Dedicated gaming forums
- Dedicated social forums
- Active Ventrilo server as well as TeamSpeak and Voon
- Experienced, friendly leadership
- A variety of energetic, helpful members spanning all gaming genres
- Our new Wiki currently in internal beta testing

But what about The Old Guard in EverQuest II you ask?

We are a level 90 guild that has been around since launch. We are currently made up of 70+ individual members with 260+ main and alternate characters. We are mostly made up of players from Australia, New Zealand and The United States.

We are a very casual guild looking to expand to include regular groups/events both in and out of game and raiding on our own.

There is no character, class or play time requirement to join. All we ask is that you be courteous, friendly and 25 or older.

Ways to contact us:

In game Type /join tog in your chat window and then ask to speak to an officer for guild information.

Out of game Visit our new public EQ II forum

Want to learn more about TOG?

Visit our site at
Also take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions
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