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Welcome to Special Section 15, an espionage-themed heavy RP supergroup on the Virtue server in City of Heroes.
S15 is once again recruiting all active interested players! Please apply here. Additionally, admin/officer positions are open for qualified members and applicants.

Special Section 15: Freem Edition!

AlishaShatogi, Oct 15, 11 2:02 PM.
So with the release of Freedom and the new influx of players to City of Heroes, we too are experiencing a fresh surge of interest in our group, and so recruiting is once more FULLY OPEN. Welcome to our newest members!

Your GM is doing her best to take over webmaster duties while that post is vacant, and she has updated the forums in the process! Take a look at the new shiny as I give it an overhaul and polish it up. We will also be splitting into the Section and the Oddtagonists and removing inactive members, so as to streamline gameplay a bit. Up until now, the policy for alts has been "an alt is fine too" with the idea of prestige earners, but this will soon change, with RP and IC Section membership being the main concerns. Instead, a new sister supergroup (The Oddtagonists) will be founded and coalitioned (and cross-coalitioned with our existing coalitionmates...say that five times fast...) for alts and non-Section RP toons.

On the note of coalitions, hello to our new neighbors and coalies, SHINOBI! We look forward to RPing with you.

Also forthcoming with the alt policy change will be a revisit of ingame ranks and their privileges and responsibilities both in and out of character. The primary concerns will be an ability to initiate and lead, regardless of time with the group (though that will be a factor) and ability to earn prestige.

I am also experimenting with a new web-based scheduling tool in lieu of or in combination with the current calendar widget on this site, so I will soon be asking for valid, active email addresses from members, to make the best use of this.

As part of SS15:Freem Edition, there will also be new officer positions to help the site and SG run smoothly: Base architects, archivists, event managers/team leaders, AE authors, recruiters, and webmaster; possibly more as our needs are revealed.

Game on!
--Alisha Shatogi / Codename: Achlys

Like the slumbering giant...

AlishaShatogi, Jul 27, 11 9:54 AM.
The site lives again! Guildportal has silly restrictions on their free sites, but it seems we'll just have to deal. One of these restrictions is 15 posts max to a thread, so if you hit that cap, just make a new one. I'll be pruning the forums and adding some new stuff so as to get the best use of this. (An actual archive for one... events, discussion threads, base thread, and so on. Maybe even those IC resources I've been sitting on. Writing anxiety sucks...)

Your GM is slightly frustrated, so bear with her. We need a basebuilder, and we need an archivist. We also need stuff to do besides the heavy story - especially to get newer folks in (Welcome, Summer, Minomato, and others!) and involved.

End of the Year

AlishaShatogi, Dec 28, 10 1:10 AM.
Happy Holidays, Special Section 15!

This front page needs some updating, so here's your GM, updating for your pleasure.

I want to thank you all for making the first arc of S15 a great success. Operation: Stormbreaker has been fully realized, and despite a bit of mess and stalling here and there, it turned out to be an epic show (in this GM's humble opinion.)

Some facts for you:

+9 Active Players
+18 Major Characters
+133 Days
+6 AE arcs
+90.8 MB text (logged since 10/7/10)
+7 meanwhiles
+12 subplots
+19 forum threads
+69 forum posts
+33 codenames......

= 1 awesome supergroup.

We've still got a lot to learn, and a living story to move forward. I know I've learned plenty about how to do this, and realize that I've still got a lot ahead of me. Our first arc is just that - a stepping stone to greater things, more learning, more laughs, and a perpetual epic story. From where I stand, I could not be happier.

And I could not be happier to tell you that we have a future arc brewing in this interlude as the dust settles. It won't be my work, but I'll do my best to do my part, starting with a site update right here and right now. Content and development are coming, but you'll have to bear with a writing anxiety and an ADD mentality.

And the story goes on.

So join me in the game. Let me be your guide, in the world in which we play.

--Alisha Shatogi / Codename: Achlys


heffroncm, Sep 19, 10 9:20 AM.
Polls added, pages and widgets adjusted, your feedback requested in the forums.  Still bashing face into style settings.

Site Launched (finally)

AlishaShatogi, Sep 18, 10 12:54 PM.

I'm still getting this launched, here, so please excuse my dust as I get used to this particular site editor. I want to thank you all again for your interest and commitment to making a great story and a great SG. When I launched the Section, it was on impulse - the compulsion of the story - and you have all helped make it a reality. I will freely admit that I have no clue how to actually run a SG, so it's a learning experience for everybody!

A little bit of history and trivia for you all, from the OOC side of things:

The Section started out from my character of Achlys, our lovably detested psionic super-agent, and her shady evasiveness as I RPed in the teams I was in, from Steel to Talos. Apparently, being evasive and inscrutable is a powerful storytelling hook, and one silly Warshade became curious. On the tenth of August, Achlys recruited Breakstar to the Section, under the pretense of keeping a closer eye on his unusual luck, not to mention his faceplants. Three days later, I launched the SG, with no real intention of making it anything more than just a name over our heads, much as I treated my other mini-SG, the ISPF. There, invisible, inscrutable, background to how I played, simply filling a little more of a character that was as unknown to me as she was to the rest of the world.

Little did I know.

Eventually, in one of my many RPing, pugged up radio teams - this in Brickstown - the question was posed as to why a super-secret agent was working with random heroes dealing with random crises. I couldn't come up with an answer, but the team kept pressing me. Achlys dropped a dire hint about a widespread, dangerous virus that she was seeking evidence on. Thus began what would become to be known as Operation: Stormbreaker, our current primary arc. The response was incredible, the demand for more story overwhelming. I elaborated, painting a broader and darker picture than I had initially envisioned in the original Dekan encounter with Ali. The Section as an RPSG was born. Between a handful of RPing geniuses, characters and story emerged from the woodwork during the days leading up to Going Rogue's launch. Intrigue, mystery, and the threat of the virus built into a real need for cohesion, both as players and characters.

Oh, how I flailed. But for me, the story always comes first, and whatever vehicle the story needed I would produce, to keep interest high and build my chance of resolution. It was my duty as a GM to expand my skill to that of SG lead so that I could better tell the story I wanted. The group took off, and I played out the abduction of Ali to further fan the flames. Once again, the response was overwhelming - who knew an ex-Arachnos and a Praetorian party animal would care so much?

We've been growing ever since.

Welcome to Special Section 15.

--Alisha Shatogi / Codename: Achlys
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