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Graviora Manent Creed
Facta, non Verba

Deeds, not Words.

This simple phrase sums up what Graviora Manent is all about. It is our Creed. Creed, the word, derives from the Latin: Credo for I believe and credimus for we believe. I believe, that if I am going to be the best at what we do, and how we do it, then we must do it by representing ourselves in an excellent manner. Together through dedication and perseverance, we can overcome any odds, face down any danger, and excel to being the best at whatever we set our horizons toward. We will not be stalled by our enemies, foreign or domestic, nor will we allow their negativity to impede us from our achievements, to do so would only divide us. Graviora Manent will push forward into any danger together, because we believe in ourselves. And if we believe - then nothing can stop us.

Welcome to Graviora Manent



socxiety, May 16, 11 1:47 PM.
We have moved to a new host! If you're seeing this we have moved to our new website at ! If you want to apply or are already a member please go there and register instead! HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON!

The Future

socxiety, May 13, 11 4:29 AM.
So current plans are to reveal the project we been working on this Saturday! I want to thank you all for your patience as we work on this but it's a pretty big undertaking for us and we're doing it all for the guild! I know we have been lax on being apart of the guilds activities outside of it as officers and myself as GM but I wanted to get this project completed ASAP. Coming into next week things will return to a more 'normal' pace and recruitment will be going hard again. Once again thank you all for your patience and more announcements will be coming in next 24-48 hours that will be very important to the guilds future.

The future arrives!

socxiety, Apr 27, 11 9:22 PM.
As promised I told you we would move quickly to move past the old and in with the new. The first stages were our updates in recruitment both graphically and functionally. The second step is now appointing someone who has the talents and dedication to make use of those improvements in our recruitment process.

So congratulations go out to Reiko aka Kim who has been appointed as our new Admin Officer. Let's all try to support her as we once did Blossym to go out there and help us recruit some good potential applicants. TERA is getting closer everyday and we want to be prepared with good solid core of members before OBT and the eventual launch. 

Reiko has a lot of relevant experience as she recruited a successful 90 man Aion legion before retiring from it. She also did a lot of leadership and raid leading in games such as WoW for top tier raiding guild for long time. She's also one of our oldest and most loyal members to date and always eager to assist people in our time in K-TERA. 

So Congrats again to Reiko, hope you can handle my harassment :P

Recruitment Updates

socxiety, Apr 26, 11 9:10 PM.
After much work put into things this weekend focused on the guild your friendly neighborhood officer team has come up with some much needed improvements to our recruiting tools and process. First being our recruitment post has been dramatically updated and improved as seen here..

We also re-wrote some of our application and added better questions that should hopefully allow us to do a better job of weeding out bad applicants and letting good applicants shine even more. With these changes I'm looking forward to how our recruiting will progress in coming weeks!
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