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System (Applicant) 4/28/2011 12:24 AM EST : Auto-Posted Application from Laner
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Laner has filed an application for membership. It was posted here automatically by GuildPortal because the option to do so was enabled by an administrator of this site. For your security, all answers are html escaped.
18 Years Old, ill probably be 19 by the time this game gets released in NA lol
Do you Craft? If so, what?
Well i dont currently have the game or have any prior Korean Beta exp on it but if the crafting system is good in this game i could see my self crafting Consumables mainly but i will see how weapon and armor crafting is aswell. PS: currently have no info/knowledge on the crafting system in Tera
Ingame Name?
At the moment i have no idea it will probably be Lan or Laner but this is subject to change. For the next question im not 100% sure on the class i will be playing but i know that the two classes im having trouble deciding with are Slayer and Warrior. I have always been a meelee player and both of these classes seem fun.
What style of player are you? (Support, Tank, DPS, Etc)
Based on Aion the only MMO i played with these types of classes i consider my self a DPS/Off Tank. In aion i mained a Gladiator and was usualy Tanking all the Instances as well as providing alot of DPS for my party. I also played as an Assassin witch was a more strictly DPS character.
Do you have a mic and are familiar with voice chat protocol programs? (Mumble)
I do have a microphone (Razer <3) lol but i do not really know alot about voice chat programs. The only program i have installed in my computer is Ventrilo at the moment and im confortable with using it. Im willing to download othet chat programs if needed since i feel that chat is important in instances and makes the game alot more fun and interesting ^_^.
Why do you want to be a member of Graviora Manent?
I havent really checked outo alot of the up coming legions/guilds of tera, but after making an introduction thread on the Tera Forums Reiko told me to check this guild out and look at the youtube videos as well. I havent met any one of you guys or had a conversation but from what i see in the youtube videos the GM community seem to have alot of people who know what they are doing and are fun to be around. Im a hardcore player and love doing instances as well as pvp. I also enjoy doing group activities just for fun and to me it looks like this guild has that to offer. Im sorry for making this a bit long but another reason i would like to be a member is because i will be going into a brand new game with no buddies or experience, it would be nice to go in having some pre knowledge as well as a group of people willing to help each other out from the start. Thank you~
How can you contribute to making us better?
Well at the moment i do not have anything to offer other than me being another player due to the fact that i have no hands on experience with the game. After the game comes out though i beleive i will be contributing in alot of ways. Im more of a hardcore player so i will be online most of the time meaning i will be around to help out with guild events, instances pvp and other things that may come up. Im a helpful person as well so if any one needs help and im online ill be there to help.
Did you read the guild info?
If by guild info you mean the information on the Tera Forum page then yes. If its something else then no i havent. =P I like ideas represented by the hardcore wit casual undertone section of it as well. Im more of a hardcore gamer but sometimes end up going on less hours because of college. I also understand that there are some people out there who are "cocky" and just disrespect players due to their false superiority and i respect the fact that you guys look past numbers (lvl/play time) and take time to look at a persons behavior when deciding if they could join.
ps: Love the color scheme of the page and forum
Do you understand our "Hardcore with Casual undertone" philosophy? Explain.
Im not sure if what i understand is completly what you guys are trying to say but i beleive its saying that you guys respect the fact that everyone has a life outside of the virtual playing field. The emphasis of the idea relates more to looking for a person with a good personality overall than some one with skill and "online time".
Do you like to participate more in PVP or PVE? Explain.
Well In the past ive done a balance of both. In my opinion though im more of a PVP person but i will be doing an intense amount of PVE to deck out a character in order to have the equips necessary for pvp. Im competitive so i am also always aiming for the best of the best =x
What is some of your gaming history?
Well when it comes to MMO'S the first i Played was maplestory since beta,I Quit it and started playing Aion upon release and after my Legion in Aion got disbanded i ended up going back to Maple because of the friends i have on their. In general though ive owned every gaming system and love my PS3, CoD is probably the other main game i play. Quick note, it seems like i have been writing alot for each of the sections and i am not sure if that is alright, sorry.
What is your timezone / playing hours?
Time Zone is Eastern (NYC =p) And my playing Hours will vary atm, im guessing if the game would have been released right now itd be 35/hrs a week avg lol my hours will vary due to work/school/vacations
Any additional comments?
Thanks for taking this into consideration and i hope to see you guys on Tera =P
Do you have any references?
No unless one of you guys are from Aion and played On Messy/Zikel(after merge) lol
Thanks again guys/girls ^_^
Character(s) applying with: N/A

Reiko_Tera (Applicant) 4/28/2011 12:28 AM EST : RE: Auto-Posted Application from Laner
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Thanks for your applicaiton. Please check your mail and follow the steps highlighted 

within to proceed to next step! Thanks again and welcome.

p.s. LOVE the fact you took all that time to write and let us know what you're about. It's appreciated.

SocXiety (SuperAdmin) 4/29/2011 6:32 PM EST : RE: Auto-Posted Application from Laner
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yo Laner

I've seen you log on a few times but you only pop on for maybe a minute then disappear again. If you're coming on as an applicant you need to just come in channel and say Hello so we know you're there. Majority of time if you only pop in for few seconds we're in a game and can't see you're there right away. There's no need to be shy and wait for someone to come to you then decide no one is and leave.

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