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System (Applicant) 5/2/2012 3:24 PM EST : Auto-Posted Application from Aberloth
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Aberloth has filed an application for membership. It was posted here automatically by GuildPortal because the option to do so was enabled by an administrator of this site. For your security, all answers are html escaped.
18 years
Do you Craft? If so, what?
No Crafting
Ingame Name?
What class interests you the most coming up to launch? Explain
Archer, Priest
What style of player are you? (Support, Tank, DPS, Etc)
DPS or Support
Do you have a mic and are familiar with voice chat protocol programs? (Mumble)
Yes I do
Why do you want to be a member of Graviora Manent?
My friend and I in our current guild on TERA called Retaliation didn't follow through with its promises
How can you contribute to making us better?
I'm extremely reliable, honest, and know how to have a good time.
Did you read the guild info?
Do you understand our "Hardcore with Casual undertone" philosophy? Explain.
It means that although everyone wishes to be the best in the game, it is still just a video game. Real life always take precedence over gaming, but while I'm gaming, I plan to do my absolute best.
Do you like to participate more in PVP or PVE? Explain.
I'd say I am more PVE oriented. I like the idea of bringing down BAMs with a group of friends and reaping the rewards.
What is some of your gaming history?
In the past, I've played SWTOR for several months, and I've played about 3 years on WoW
What is your timezone / playing hours?
Any time is just fine by me, I live on the East Coast
Any additional comments?
Do you have any references?
My friends Harbinger and possibly Healsfromhell should suffice
Character(s) applying with: Aberloth Tyran

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