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System (Applicant) 5/14/2011 6:05 PM EST : Auto-Posted Application from Fearrari
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Fearrari has filed an application for membership. It was posted here automatically by GuildPortal because the option to do so was enabled by an administrator of this site. For your security, all answers are html escaped.
Ingame Name?
I have a few on my list which I will go over whenver I start playing Tera to make sure I pick the most fitting one
What class interests you the most coming up to launch? Explain
Lancer. The protector, the wall, the wise
What style of player are you? (Support, Tank, DPS, Etc)
Not going to lie to any of you I've always been a caster in WoW and currently in Aion, but... TERA... why not dive into something so new and fresh and have a complete turn around? That is th way I see it at the moment.
Do you have a mic and are familiar with voice chat protocol programs? (Mumble)
Yes have been using TS and Ventrillo for years.
Why do you want to be a member of Graviora Manent?
Everything seem to be well put together, I hope you guys are mature and know how to have fun.
How can you contribute to making us better?
Great question... complement me and I will give you my all.
I am all or nothing kind of a guy since birth.
Did you read the guild info?
Do you understand our "Hardcore with Casual undertone" philosophy? Explain.
My actions will explain and show my complete understanding.
Do you like to participate more in PVP or PVE? Explain.
WoW wise I was always a PvEr in Aion more of a PvPer since the game pushes its players so hards towards PvP
What is some of your gaming history?
Started playing MechWarrior 3 back when I was in HS. Took a long break after then ventured into WoW many years after, spent 4 years there on and off, now have been playing Aion for 6 months
What is your timezone / playing hours?
EST [I live in Florida], mostly late afternoon and evening time
Any additional comments?
I've been a utility player for the most part: you need me to help? I'll never say no.
Do you have any references?
The only reference that I have is that I saw your post in Tera Forums read everything up and down left to right went on you page and like everything.
Character(s) applying with: Fearrari

SocXiety (SuperAdmin) 5/15/2011 7:17 PM EST : RE: Auto-Posted Application from Fearrari
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Greetings! sorry for the slow response we been working really hard on actually a brand new website! We would like to have you along for the application but we're about to open the new one today so it's kind of a flux period of change! If you could please goto and apply on the NEW site. Sorry for the confusion or any inconvenience!

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