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Lacrimosa is a progression-minded, casual, Alliance-side raiding guild on the Norgannon PvE server. Our focus is on 10-player raids and we have successfully competed for Top 3 rankings on the server since the guild formed during the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. We've done this while maintaining a realistic balance with our lives outside the game.

If you're interested in finding out more about us, please take a look at our visitor forums. Thanks for your interest in Lacrimosa and enjoy your stay!

Guild Master of Lacrimosa
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Heroic Zon Down! 4/8HM Dragon Soul

Jaol, Feb 22, 12 2:13 AM.

The first chink in the Dragon Soul armor: Heroic Morchok dies (a rather easy death)

polystatic, Jan 5, 12 12:37 PM.
Good job guys! Lets push on into the non-pushovers!

Stuff of Legends

polystatic, Nov 10, 11 6:19 PM.

Lacrimosa completed the Firelands legendary staff, Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest for a realm second and Alliance-side first achievement! The quest-line was intense. The battles were epic. The amount of stuff that was collected and the hours spent collecting them were numerous. We began by banging our head for weeks on normal encounters and now clear 6/7 Heroic Modes in an evening. The completion of the staff punctuates our experiences in Firelands as we approach the end of the tier.

On a personal (and perhaps cloying) note, I'd like to thank you all for working on the staff with me. I'm honored that I was selected to receive it. It's humbling to receive a legendary reward from the countless hours we have all spent. You guys are awesome!

Happy Birthday Lacrimosa!

polystatic, Oct 10, 11 11:37 AM.

Can you believe its been a year since we formed? In the relatively short time that we've been together we've been through quite a bit. Remember the decision we made to leave our 25-player raiding guild to form a progression oriented 10-person team, and within weeks had cleared 11/12 heroics in ICC. Remember the night we one shot all the early ICC heroics and then stepped in to get a guild first one-shot of Professor Putricide? Remember how we sold Starcaller titles for 10,000 gold. Remember getting our meta-ICC drakes and finding the secret path through Dalaran to show them off outside the Alliance Inn? Remember how proud we were with the server third kill of Heroic Halion? And then the Cataclysm and our fights through BWD, BoT, and TotFW, including many of their heroic modes. The trials of losing players and finding new ones that fit just right. And now with 6/7 heroic FL, we sit at the doorstep of a realm first and a server 1 ranking. We've been through quite a bit in our guilds young life, but I think we have plenty more to show ourselves and the server. Let's keep up the good work!

More news is good news! Lacrimosa is 6/7 in Heroic Firelands!!

polystatic, Oct 6, 11 12:20 PM.
The defeat of Alysrazor hardmode brings us to the final confrontation of the 4.2 patch. Great job folks! Heroic Ragnaros here we come! 

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