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Lacrimosa is a progression-minded, casual, Alliance-side raiding guild on the Norgannon PvE server. Our focus is on 10-player raids and we have successfully competed for Top 3 rankings on the server since the guild formed during the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. We've done this while maintaining a realistic balance with our lives outside the game.

If you're interested in finding out more about us, please take a look at our visitor forums. Thanks for your interest in Lacrimosa and enjoy your stay!

Guild Master of Lacrimosa
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(read)Heroic Zon Down! 4/8HM Dragon Soul
(read)The first chink in the Dragon Soul armor: Heroic Morchok dies (a rather easy death)
(read)Stuff of Legends
(read)Happy Birthday Lacrimosa!
(read)More news is good news! Lacrimosa is 6/7 in Heroic Firelands!!
(read)Spiders in the dressing room! Spiders everywhere! Spiders in the dressing room! Beware!
(read)Dead, dead, dead, dead. Yes thats four heroic bosses dead!
(read)Now 3/7 in Heroic Firelands and going!
(read)Finally, he uploaded the videos!
(read)Our fight into heroic Firelands has begun with the end of Heroic Shannox
(read)Firelord Destroyed: Or at least beaten into submission till the heroic encounter!
(read)Firebird extinguished; the flames of the Firecat quenched just after: Lacrimosa is 6/7 in Firelands!
(read)Baleroc the Gatekeeper? More like Baleroc the Pushover
(read)Better late than never: Lacrimosa defeats the magma lord
(read)Out of the frying pan and into the Firelands
(read)Lacrimosa deals double whammy to Blackwing Descent!
(read)He never saw us coming!
(read)Server 3rd with the demise of Chimaeron Heroic
(read)He will break no more wyrms: Heroic Halfus down!
(read)Nef no more!
(read)Wind lord no moar!
(read)Twilight Destroyed: The Citadel Edition
(read)The twilight of the Ascendant Council
(read)Multi-headed dragon massacre!
(read)Stay dead you pathetic alchemist!
(read)And here it is...
(read)A subtle breeze...
(read)Down with the Twins and Defense System!
(read)Back to the fiery abyss
(read)Right back in action!
(read)How we end an expansion
(read)Guild site being updated, don't freak out if things go missing!
(read)Twilight destroyed: Lacrimosa bests Heroic Halion!
(read)On the wings of the Frostbrood Vanquisher...
(read)Out of the twilight
(read)Is that gold in your pocket?
(read)Closing in on completing meta's!
(read)11/12 is not just a date in November anymore.
(read)If you're going to get a guild first, you may as well 1-shot it!
(read)First raid night, awesomely bumpy start to the guild!
(read)Three days until we are official!
(read)Banner is done! Votes added.
(read)This guild website is gettin somewhere!!
(read)Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

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