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Nocturnal was established at the start of March in 2012 thanks largely due to the 10 man raid of another guild choosing to split off from the previous guild they were with. Before they split off they had killed Deathwing in Dragonsoul and so after this they've started to try and get achievements for the guild they had before as well as level the new guild up.

The guild is primarily a raiding and fun friendly guild though some members do enjoy PVP.

We've no minimum nor maximum age or level required to join us here and we're all just looking to have some fun. There are those of us whom work on endgame content with each patch that releases more endgame; however, we certainly don't require it of everyone.

Much of the site such as the forums is members only but if you aren't a member please feel free to check out our policy and such in the 'Information box' to the left of this article then apply on here to join up.
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Guild Experience Contest!

kaelendraa, Mar 29, 12 3:29 AM.
Beyasha is running a contest and whomever contributes the most to guild xp gain in a given week will be getting some gold.

How's she doing this?
She'll be looking in guild info each week to see how who's contributed the most in a given week. She'll be checking it out on Monday Nights.  

As for what you do to get to win?
Not hard just quest away, try to run raids/dungeons/pvp with groups from the guild rather than on your own, dailies etc... it all helps to get guild xp.


kaelendraa, Mar 29, 12 3:21 AM.
Coming soon...  A lottery will be starting up soon.

How will this work? well it's not hard. We'll be having it cost a gold per number with a 10 number maximum allowing for numbers 1-100 as possibilities. Note you could enter ten numbers per toon in guild. The winners will be drawn via 3 people including one of the officers running the lottery and 2 others whom may or may not be officers forming a party and doing a /roll twice once for the main winner and once for a runner up.

The pot gets divided as follows:
50% to Winner.
25% to Runner Up.
25% to Guild Bank Funds.

The Guild has a New Address!

System, Mar 8, 12 5:23 AM.
The domain name has been changed to a new one , and the site can now be reached directly by going to Please note that there is no WWW in front of the address!

Thank you for choosing GuildPortal as your guild's home on the web!
Newest Members
Nocturnal will accept new members on a case by case basis. Though certainly most will be accepted and we have no set rules of classes we'll accept nor age of players; however, we do want to be sure someone is a good fit for the guild. 

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