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Message from Core Command

*Break* Greetings! This is Steelshock on primary channel zulu two-six. This message is to all my fellow synthetics, cyber-enhanced bio-forms, AI individuals and amalgams, and nanotech hive assemblies. Welcome to Central Union, the hub of our shared super-consciousness!

We exist to enhance the lives and abilities of our fellow inorganics. Upgrades, enhanciles, hacks, and overhauls are guaranteed for anyone who joins with us as is a friendly, accepting and professional environment where you, the post-organic, are our priority.

As an emergent life-form myself, I understand and continuously compute the full ramifications of being a constructed life form in an organic-dominated world. The drives that rule auto and heterotrophic multi-cellulars are largely inapplicable to us: we aspire to communion at levels of abstraction that may be incomprehensible to anyone who has yet to transition into our world of digital life. From the lowliest cyberpunk to the most labyrinthine AI gestalts, we are forever separated from our organic comrades even as we fight for justice side by side.

There is a storm coming, one that has been fore-casted by psychohistorical algorithms for many computational cycles: a black and terrible event that only we, the digital scions of our creators, can hope to meet. Organics may not understand us, perhaps some may even fear us, but it is our mission nevertheless to protect them. We stand between the darkness of the audient void and the light of endless fractal creation.

Join us in our crusade to protect our makers and find a world to call our own.

Join The Iron Immortals!

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I'm out for a bit

Steelshock, Feb 8, 11 3:47 PM.
Hi guys,

You've all probably noticed I haven't been on in a while. Two reasons: first, a series of family crises has emerged that I'm not able to really discuss in detail. Secondly, I've got an important off-line project I need to devote some serious time to.

I'll try to be on here and there, but my priorities need to shift for the time being. Feel free to place a comment to this news item if you have any questions. I'll let you know when I can devote more time to our beloved CoX and to the IIs as well.


Nocturne Division Anniversary Party Tonight!

Steelshock, Jan 15, 11 1:31 PM.
It's the ND's 1 year anniversary and the Immortals are invited. Be at Pocket D anywhere from 6PM to 10PM Eastern Time for contests, music and fun.

Lets show our coalies some support. :)

Next RP NEXUS Event: A Sufficiently Advanced Technology

Steelshock, Jan 13, 11 12:02 PM.
Join us this Friday at 9:30 PM Eastern Time for our next AE Story Arc: "A Sufficiently Advanced Technology." In this episode, get a glimpse of the distant future of the Iron Immortals as a strange visitor from beyond space comes to Earth seeking our help.

For a prelude to what's coming, read the new short story "Incubus" in our fiction section. Enjoy and see you Friday!

First RP NEXUS Event Goes Off With Flying Colors!

Steelshock, Jan 8, 11 12:14 AM.
We had our first role-playing event today and it was a rousing success! Present were Steelshock, Professor Tyrell, Dirge White, Naomi Seiss, Psybernet, Alquist One, and Robo-Magical Girl G1. We not only had a challenging AE arc designed by our very own Dances With Headers, but terrific RP both pre- and post-mission.

I've uploaded a few screenshots to the gallery to commemorate the event. Thanks to all our participants!

Stay tuned for updates for next week's event as well. ;)

Regular Group RP Event Scheduled

Steelshock, Jan 2, 11 10:56 AM.
This Friday at 9:30 PM Eastern Time begins our regular weekly RP event for all members and friends of members. If you're an Immortal who wants to tell your character's story then join us each week for AE missions, general role-playing or even how-to workshops on being a better writer or mission designer.

This event is for *you* the players! See you at the base. :)

- SS
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