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Forums : Service Announcements > GP Update: Guild Calendar Now Imported from WoW
Aaron Lewis (Blue Collar) 4/29/2010 6:11 PM EST : GP Update: Guild Calendar Now Imported from WoW
GuildPortal Dev
Aaron Lewis
Posts: 1979
Zomgawsh Poster

It's been a busy week for the GPHelper WoW add-on, for sure.  We're hoping to make up for the frustration with broken download links, invalid "version out of date" messages, and all that by announcing that another new feature has been added.  The add-on will now synchronize your guild website calendar with the one in-game.

Grab and install the latest version of GPHelper from Control Panel (under WoW Integration) and fire up WoW, then poke around your calendar, opening events.  When events are opened, their details are saved out, so the next time you upload your data in the Control Panel (under WoW Integration), your events are added to your guild website calendar.

The synchronization process attempts to avoid duplicates by matching the title of the event with the original date of import.  That way, if you intentionally move an event around to a different time (did you know that event admins can do that by clicking and dragging, directly from the calendar itself?), a duplicate of it won't annoyingly appear on the original date when you synchronize again.

If you'd rather avoid all this manual updating, you can download the GuildPortal Synch application which, for Windows users, keeps your add-on up-to-date with the latest version and uploads your data to your guild website as changes are detected.  You can grab a copy of GuildPortal Synch by going to the GuildPortal home page, scrolling to the bottom, and clicking the link that says "WoW Add-On."

At this time, we are not incrementing the version number or file name of the WoW add-on, so you only need to re-install it if you want the calendar import functionality.  We thought it too soon since the last one to bother everyone with a forced update.  Note that this means GuildPortal Synch will not overwrite your current version either, for those who are already running it, so if you want the new functionality, you'll need to manually install the add-on.
Aaron Lewis,

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