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Helz Dominion (New Admin) 12/9/2012 9:26 AM EST : Whats missing from my site? our game we play!
Helz Dominion
Posts: 2
Getting Started!

I have sent in Ticket after Ticket in Support to get The Lacuna Expanse Added to the list of games so I can Complete my site and add another Site (both of witch would've been subscribed sites once completed) but since, I have Heard NOTHING! from GP its time to move on to other hosting sites 2.5 months waiting is LONG ENOUGH!

I have been a Paying/nonpaying customer of GP for 14+ years, I have personally reffered several hundred guild's and alliances and clans to this website for their hosting need's...
I am also Known as;
Helz Dominion
Ledyin Bandaidslinger,
amongst other names in the gaming world,
So since this New and Improved Support system removes a human from the equation I shall remove this Human from yer hosting Equation and take my money Elsewhere.
2 weeks is all the more I will wait.
Sincearly Helzrayne of Culture in The Lacuna Expanse

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