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539357397_Inactive (New Admin) 3/20/2008 1:21 AM EST : Forum access level feature request

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This mostly stems from several of us being in a closed beta but would like to have an area that has mixed access rights, some members are in the beta, some associates are in the beta, some officers, and myself.

I don't see a good (any?) way to be able to set us up a forum area that only selective people can be added to so that we can discuss beta related things as a guild (those who get in) to avoid any NDA issues.

Currently here's what I have on our site access wise and forum wise:

1. Public - People who visit our site but have no affiliation with us). Can only access Public forum area

2. Associate - Friends of the guild or guild members who left the game on good terms looking to stay in contact with some friends in non-public area. These people are not officially guild members however. We have many people from other guilds in this forum area, somewhat of an alliance area. Can access Public and Associate forum areas.

3. Member - Full and current guild members. Can access Public, Associate, and Member forum areas.

4. Officer - Officers of the guild to discuss guild matters. Can access Public, Associate, and Member forum areas.

5. SuperAdmin - An access right only I have, also put a forum area for myself that I use to template things and work on formatting before pushing it out for others to see. Sometimes use it as a reminder area of things coming up so I don't clutter my mail. Access to all forum areas.

Here's where things get interesting...

We have Senior Officers, however there isn't enough guild portal access rights to set some officers up to Senior Officer status. This would have allowed for a Senior Officer forum area separate from normal officer area.

The alternative is to create a password protected forum area and only give it to the Senior Officers.

Shouldn't there be a way in the forum editor, instead of a drop down box with what "blanket" rights have access, for it to pull up the member list and you can check off check-boxes next to the names for that forum area? This then would only be visible to those members instead of being visible and requesting a password?

...another example why this would be good,

Several of the guild are in a closed beta (myself included) where we all play in game together, it would be nice to be able to add a forum area that we can talk about beta things without others seeing what's being said so there's no NDA violations.

With the check-box access rights, I would be able to select people who can be in that area so we can talk as a guild about it (those who are in) compared to the beta boards that isn't as good to plan groups and whatnot amongst us.

...this could also support multiple games in some regards

For example, say a guild has two divisions between two different games, but may not have both game guilds posting in each other's areas to avoid any confusion although they'd somewhat part of the same parent guild.

You could have forum areas for both games and just add what members have access to what areas. Instead of blanket allowing "member" which would put them into both

...Perhaps you have a guild "council" sort of thing, that are somewhere between members and officers. You could set specific people to be allowed in a Council forum area whereas they should be able to get into all member areas, but shouldn't be able to get into the officer forums.

* I know it would add some additional work for the site administrators to manually add people to their selective areas, but it would be an enormous amount of flexibility. This mechanism could work where the "selective member" forum areas are invisible unless added to that forum.

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