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Forums : Feature Discussion > Clean up and standardize GP to HTML 4.01 - or even XHTML 1.0 ?
IceHeart. (Guild Admin) 12/6/2008 4:27 PM EST : Clean up and standardize GP to HTML 4.01 - or even XH...
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Can the GP pages be 'cleaned' and standardized to HTML 4.01 ?

Background story:
bear with me here..  and sorry for the 'longish' post ..

While I am a technical person, my background is more pure DB/SQL stuff, and very little Web design. Since getting into guildportal I have put myself to learn more about HTML, JavaScript etc. (Thanks Mottie! your posts have been extremely useful!)

As a novice web designer/programmer, what I usually end up doing is copying the pages to my local disk, where I edit them either with VStudio or Eclipse, in order to learn more about the inner workings. 95% of what I do there never makes it back to the site, but I have learned a lot.

Anyways, as I do that, I have come to find that the pages are somewhat 'dirty' including a combination of features from HTML 3.2, 4, 4.01.. So i always end up haveng to 'clean' them before being able to get them to run fully... and it kinda makes it harder to learn and understand..

a few examples:
- most pages have the header/DTD
<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC="-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN">
which, apparently is incorrect/deprecated (should not have the 'equal')

- some elements have deprecated/ older attributes, such as, for example:
<body id="ctl00_bodyElement" bottommargin="0" leftmargin="5" topmargin="5" rightmargin="0">
as far as I understand the **margin attributes have been deprecated for quite a while... specially in light of using CSS

- some pages have incorrect /missing/incomplete tag closings, example:
the closing </td> tag for a <td id="ctl00_ContentPlaceHolder1_LeftPane" ...
is usually misplaced or missing. thereby making it harder to follow the document logic

Just out of curiosity, I ran one of my pages though the W3c validator at  and came up with something like 230 errors..  granted that's not a great measure, if you consider that the main page for microsoft itself comes out at 107 errors, but the page for mozilla comes clean.

I do realize that there's a lot of browsers/compatibility etc out there.. but I'd think trying to standardize a bit should actually make it easier to support the stuff in the future..

At any rate, and to the risk of sounding nitpicky, ( and as noted before, I acknowledge myself as being novice in web work..)  I figured I'd just post the suggestion for discussion, in the hopes that a cleaner GP would make it easier to learn and work with and even easier to maintain for the GP admins...


P.S>/Edit : ah feel free to move this post/thread to a more appropriate place, like thr Tech forums,  if this is not the right thread ...


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