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Keilana55 (New Admin) 10/10/2011 4:46 PM EST : Requested feature adjustments
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Zomgawsh Poster

This is a repost and I will also reticket:

Mail features:
  • Option to delete a "sent" mail from the open mail window - review, delete, opens next mail to read.
  • Page-able mail, so that we don't have to delete mail to see what is on the next page.
  • When mail is sent to an entire guild or group with-in the guild, it is listed ONCE as "bulk mail" or something similar, rather than listing each person individually so there is not as much to sift through later.  To indicate read/unread status, the names can be in different colors or those that have read on one list and those that have not on another in a pop up window or something.
  • The ability to create mail groups as admin, ie: Core Raiders, crafter, etc.  When members want to reach out to a particular group, they just checkbox that grouping and send their message.

Status change notifications (some have already been requested):

  • When an admin changes a members signed up status, mail goes to the MEMBER, not the admin (or at least both).
  • When a MEMBER changes their status, notification gets sent to the Event Host.

Spell correction:
  • Can we please right click on a misspelled word and get spell correction options rather than/as well as having to use the toolbar option?  Most sites have that and it's nice because we can keep typing rather than type content OR spell check.
  • It would be nice to have an "add to spell checker" option as the current library of words is very sparse and quite often does not have the words that need to be corrected.  It would also be nice to be able to add commonly used gaming lingo, so it does not always show as incorrect and that lingo can also be corrected if spelled wrong.  IE: Crafters, Mezzing, etc.

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