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Forums : Feature Discussion > Any way to add the Your Guilds section to our sites (or the Admin site)?
Matennon (New Admin) 9/5/2004 4:20 AM EST : Any way to add the Your Guilds section to our sites (...
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Zomgawsh Poster

It's a minor PITA, but a PITA just the same, for me to have to go to GuildPortal's home page to get to the Admin Forums.  Yes, I know I could add it to my Links section (and I have) but I can't display my Links section on every page, it's HUGE!

So typically, if I want to go to the Admin Forums, I either have to go to my Links page or click on the GuildPortal home page link at the top of the site.  Then, to leave the Admin Forums, I have to go BACK to the main GP page, then click on my own guild in the Your Guilds section.

Is there any way to get that functionality added to the Admin Community pages and allow us to post it on our own sites?  It looks like it would take up very little space on the page, and I could drop a box with it on every page on my site, so that those who belong to multiple guilds can go directly to them, instead of going to the GP home page first?

Hopefully I've made sense here, I admit to being a total noob when it comes to coding HTML, etc., so maybe it's harder than it seems it would be.


(p.s. I apologize if this has been addressed already and I missed it....)

Rhomany (New Admin) 9/17/2004 5:05 AM EST : RE: Any way to add the Your Guilds section to our sit...
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Zomgawsh Poster


You could do this manually as an alternative...

Set up a feeform content box whereever you want it to appear and add an appropriate title

Open the content to edit and click on the html tab at the bottom of the editor

Copy and paste in this code

 <*a href= target=resource window">Guild Portal<*br>Admin Forums<*/a>

delete the three *s and save

This will create a hyperlink for you with the title GPA Forums and when you click on it will open it in a new window for you, so you don't even need to stop what you're doing it you think of something halfway through another post (as I frequently do!)

If you want it all on one line, not two delete out the < br> and put in a space and if you want it to open in the existing window, delete out the 'target=resource window' part



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