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JHFDabit (New Admin) 9/1/2009 1:19 PM EST : Warning Message before logging me out
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I just spent quite a bit of time working in a forum post on a very detailed set of instructions for my guild members. Finally satisified that it was concise and detailed enough,  I click save and ** You are not logged in ** message appears. Ok, back button ** access Denied **! Oh no! Argh! Drat! Rats! All that work is lost. Frustration is not suffient enough to express my mood. All the good will I had in your site *poof* gone!

Can something be done? A timer; a reminder message; a keep me logged on button; a draft copy saved; something; anything.


Mottie (MVP) 9/1/2009 7:09 PM EST : RE: Warning Message before logging me out
GuildPortal MVP
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Hi JHFDabit!

I personally have lost a few posts to the back button demon. But I've learned along the way to save the post then go back and edit it incrementally - this works great since I have a forum group that isn't public and I can leave the post for a while as well... go back and tweek it. Then when I'm done I just move it into the proper place. If you're not an admin, that should still work... maybe you can leave a note at the bottom saying it's a work in progress or something.

Another way would be to copy the contents to the clipboard periodically, but that's not reliable as you may copy and paste a small part afterward. But there are some free programs out there that will keep a clipboard history (e.g.: Ditto for Windows, Jumpcut for OSX)

And yet another way would be to make this document offline in an HTML editor like Dreamweaver or OpenOffice (free), then paste it into the forum post when you complete it.

Additionally, I have a bad habit of clicking the fourth mouse button (left side button), which does the same thing as the back button on the browser. The best solution for this in my case was to load the mouse driver (Microsoft mouse) and enable the program specific settings to ignore that button in Firefox. I never use that button anyway (except in WoW) 

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