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537029629_Inactive (New Admin) 7/25/2004 5:52 AM EST : Allies
Posts: 241
Fingers of Fury!

Several members of our SG alliance do not use to host their web sites. We can create a categorized link and place them, along with the hosted sites to put them on every page. Or a free-form html object.

Can we get an add hosted allies option?
Yes - it would be manual, but it would allow us to continue to use the allies object with its member count.

If this is not going to happen - is there a way to html link to the properties displayed in the allies object to query member counts? this would allow us to create a
xxx 20 members
xxx 20 members
xxx (blank)

Kitario Ravenclaw (Guild Admin) 8/2/2004 8:05 AM EST : RE: Allies

Kitario Ravenclaw
Posts: 2598
Zomgawsh Poster

I don't see how it would be possible to query member counts on a non-guildportal site... /puzzles  Oh wait, do you mean query guildportal guild member counts via html/javascript type thing and then put non-guildportal ones in manually?

I do like the idea of adding the ability to put non-guildportal guilds in the allies content.  Maybe in the allies configuration there could be a check box for non-guildportal based guild and if checked it could then prompt for member count?  Is that what you are suggesting Nitrox?  I'm just a lil slow these days..  If that's it, I agree 100%.
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537029629_Inactive (New Admin) 8/3/2004 4:19 AM EST : RE: Allies
Posts: 241
Fingers of Fury!

we currently have two allies options
1. Use the allied object -  gives us allies and their member count but no way to add non sites
2. Use the links or categorized links to show allies - gives us no member counts for sites

So, yes, I am looking for either
1. Let us add non sites to the allies box, or
2. Let us query the sites for member count so we can do a better free form object allies list that is complete 

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