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mertle (New Admin) 8/8/2004 5:54 AM EST : Site/Internal Email Notification

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Zomgawsh Poster

Hi all

Is there a way of displaying an email notification within the site rather than the little flashing email sign at the top, a lot of people in my guild have been missing emails (mainly because they are blind and dont look lol) So basically i would like to have a section somewhere maybe on the main page that sayd in fairly large letters "You got Mail" and even maybe play the Good old "you have E-Mail" sound.

Thanks in advance for any help on this

(Protectors of Peace)

Whyah (Guild Admin) 12/6/2004 3:19 PM EST : RE: Site/Internal Email Notification

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Fingers of Fury!

Just another thought to add to those you came up with (all great by the way.....since I'm one of the 'blind ones' myself lol)!
How about the flashing envelope beside at our name instead of at the top of the site page?
Example: 'Who's Online' or 'Roster' listings? The lil envelope that sits beside each person's name....if it flashed. was just a thought *sighs* I try.....I'm just not as gifted at 'feature ideas' as some people! lol


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Hipo (Guild Admin) 8/23/2007 6:53 PM EST : RE: Site/Internal Email Notification

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Fingers of Fury!

Ya, I know a lot of my members don't see the tiny red icon at the top.  It would be really nice if there was a little content box that we could place that show people if they had mail or not...


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