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UnitsiPhoenix (New Admin) 2/8/2009 3:05 AM EST : Mass Member Edit of Admin Rights ..
Posts: 2391
Zomgawsh Poster

I would like all my members to have the ability to use the Calendar of Events/ News / Quests and some others rights.

With over 200+ members - to go into each person's account is time consuming. 

I started it .. and thought - there has to be an easier way.

I propose some tool to allow the Super Admins to MASS EDIT their Members accounts on one page.


That way .. if I wanted ALL my members to have Events..  I would click the header one and it automatically makes everyone with that Admin right.

or I could go in and edit folks at a glance with the fields I like them to have Admin Rights to.

Hope this helps and hope to see this implemented soon.

Apollya_AD (New Admin) 3/17/2009 6:47 AM EST : RE: Mass Member Edit of Admin Rights ..
Posts: 1002
Zomgawsh Poster

I've jsut been experiencing the exact same Issue. Although I remember there being a way previously to set group rights.

With all the Callendar updates it's becoming a more useful tool, previously I refused to usen the callendar since it was no use at all. It's still not 100% the way I want it but getting there.

I'm going to suggest two forms of mass permissions updating. 1 based on site-wide rank and another for each individual member as above.

i'd like a drop down menu to be able to choose the rank to update permissions for all members ofn that rank:

Rank  Public
Super Admin
Imagine the above boxes as a drop down menu please, since I can't seem to be able to make one visually myself

Display below for rights administration, depending on the rank selected above in the drop down box.

then a member specific option incase i need to remove access rights to specific parts from specific members but not others of the same rank.


Hex Iceglimmer (New Admin) 4/5/2009 11:37 AM EST : RE: Mass Member Edit of Admin Rights ..
Hex Iceglimmer
Posts: 170
Posts With Wolves

Yes! We don't have hundreds of members, or anything but recently I've had to add image, poll, and events admin rights to my took forever. 

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