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ThatGirlCa (New Admin) 3/27/2009 10:56 PM EST : GP Helper Roster Update

Posts: 12
Becoming Adept!

Do I have to type /gph update in game every time I want to update my guild's website roster?  After that do I have to upload that .ula file through WOW integration?  If that’s how the update works, that’s crazy.

At the end of the initial load of GP Helper and when I updated my roster successfully I received this message: 
 Please ensure that you have the Auto Roster for WoW content type on one of your guild pages to see the data.

What is that referring to? 

The documentation and using any search feature in this forum is poor, not blaming you guys, you do a great job working in this environment, but Guild Portal's help is lacking.  It's worse than Microsoft, imagine that?');" src="">

BagheeraBOA (Guild Admin) 3/28/2009 3:38 AM EST : RE: GP Helper Roster Update
Posts: 1097
Zomgawsh Poster

From what I've seen, yeah we have to update it like that every time. The big problem I see, is that it only captures people that are online, and whenever I update it, it clears out anyone who isn't online now, but is currently on the roster. That is just...unusable! The armory roster was perfectly fine, what does anyone care what their note says?

To answer your question, your content box on whatever page your roster will be on, needs to be set to 'Auto Roster for WoW content'. You know where you'd select what type of content box you're making i.e. Free Form/HTML, Calendar, Shout Box, etc.

I also list the Armory Roster as well, but it still comes up with this new GP Helper roster, so either way.

So, I'm thinking that either this roster deal is garbage, or I'm doing something wrong. When I type /gph help I get:

[GuildPortal Helper] GPH Commands:
    /gph - show or hide player list
    /gph clearloot - Clears the loot list
    /gph roster - Updates roster data, for upload to site
    /gph calendar - Updates calendar info, for upload to site
    /gph clearroster - Clears the roster data
    /gph clearbank - Clears guild bank info
    /gph update - Updates the player list

Ok so [/gph roster - Updates roster data, for upload to site] also clears the roster data as well. I don't think this should be doing this. If I were to update my roster every night at raid time, when the most people are online, and upload my data every night, my roster would only show those people online at that given time, changing every night. Why was this made to work this way? Why doesn't it scan the entire guild roster, both online and offline? That would be accurate and build a much larger, more informative list. And why does it clear out the names of people that aren't on at the time of my scan?

And I have yet to figure out the calendar event info, and I just now noticed the bank info that I wouldn't know where to put. All this because there is ZERO instructions on how do use that other than what I just posted.

Other than that, it makes a decent raid loot tracker...

ThatGirlCa (New Admin) 3/28/2009 11:45 AM EST : RE: GP Helper Roster Update

Posts: 12
Becoming Adept!

In researching this problem one thin I have come across is when you do your roster update make sure the "Show offline members" check box is checked on the guild dialogue (in game when you press O).   That may help correct your problem of getting an impartial list.

BagheeraBOA (Guild Admin) 3/28/2009 3:27 PM EST : RE: GP Helper Roster Update
Posts: 1097
Zomgawsh Poster

oh sweet! that would solve a huge problem. Thank you.


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