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537245314_Inactive (New Admin) 5/16/2005 5:16 AM EST : Event Planning Question

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In creating an event, is there any way to set # of sign ups, classes needed, and levels?  For example in WoW there are times when a raid needs exactly 40 people with pretty specific classes.  So you wouldn't want 10 of xxx class signing up when you only need 3.

It would be great to be able to specify for example:

group 1:
slot 1: priest 55-60
slot 2: druid or priest 57-60
slot 3: warrior or rogue 60
slot 4: hunter 60
slot 5: shaman/rogue/warlock 60

group 2:

slot 1: etc.
slot 2: etc.

group 3:


Since people enter their char info this should be possible?

Also in the event page is there anyway to display not only the people signed up but their classes and levels?


536998755_Inactive (New Admin) 5/16/2005 5:35 AM EST : RE: Event Planning Question
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Fingers of Fury!


We've got the same problem in Guild Wwars.  We need to limit the number of sign ups to a certain number of people.  For example, our PvP groups only consist of 8 if we're going after HoH. So if 10 people sign up, we've got two sitting by on the side lines.

I think what would be best is if the event admin could set the number of desired slots.  When someone signs up they're added to the main list of participants on a first come first serve basis.  If anyone signs up after those slots are filled, they get put in a "Backup" list.  You could then give the event admin a method to move people from the main list to the backup list or the backup list to the main list.

Classes also play a big part.  If 8 warriors sign up with the expectation of participating in an 8-man only team, some are obviously going to get turned down.  Idealy, you could specify how many positions are open for each profession when creating an event, but it would also help if we could just see the profession of the players who sign up next to their names.

For the most part we've been using our forums or simply just waiting until everyone is logged in for the event and then work things out, but if we could have a more robust event sign up system that would allow us to get all this organized before hand, it'd be great.


537245314_Inactive (New Admin) 5/23/2005 3:04 AM EST : RE: Event Planning Question

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any response to this?
even if just to say no way?

Tubzinsac (Guild Admin) 5/23/2005 8:37 PM EST : RE: Event Planning Question

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Zomgawsh Poster

I like the idea. I think it would be highly functional. Aaron probably has not read this post yet so don't feel as though you have been ignored he is just a busy guy.

537245314_Inactive (New Admin) 6/1/2005 1:30 AM EST : RE: Event Planning Question

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