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Forums : Feature Discussion > Rquest: Mail Fuction
537045639_Inactive (New Admin) 8/10/2004 6:10 AM EST : Rquest: Mail Fuction
Posts: 342
Fingers of Fury!

Recently I received an email from one of my officers.  I forwarded this email to the officer in charge of the situation in reference.  Once I forwarded this email I no longer had a copy of it for myself.

Is there anyway to get the feature to “Retain” a copy of all forwarded emails?

Thanks in advance

RonsterM (New Admin) 8/11/2004 4:28 AM EST : RE: Rquest: Mail Fuction
Posts: 5332
Zomgawsh Poster

Yes, this would be nice.  It would also be nice if forwarded messages came to the recipient as unread.  As it is now, they're easy to miss since they arrive marked as read.  Finally, it would also be nice if reading the mail in my Sent Items folder would not make the message appear already read on the recipient's side.


KazuyaDarklight (New Admin) 9/22/2004 3:11 AM EST : RE: Rquest: Mail Fuction
Posts: 658
Zomgawsh Poster

LOL, I didn't even know this stuff happened!  Well in that case I agree to all of the above lets get this thing working more like normal email.  Sounds like the mail system is bound together a bit too tightly so to speak.

Harmond (Guild Admin) 9/22/2004 1:00 PM EST : RE: Rquest: Mail Fuction
Posts: 1607
Zomgawsh Poster

Yeah, I had the same thing happen too.  Would be nice to retain a copy of a message that was forwarded, along with some kind of “forwarded to:  soandso” message.


536895502_Inactive (New Admin) 9/23/2004 5:29 AM EST : RE: Rquest: Mail Fuction

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Posts: 2688
Zomgawsh Poster

I wont forward mail because of this..  I will cut and paste the messages so I do retain copy of the original.   It is a work around.. but I would LOVE to see this fixed/addressed.  I know Aaron explained once how the mail worked and why this worked as it does. 

But maybe email shouldbe looked at for overhaul so it works more “normally” <GRIN>

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Ancandune (New Admin) 9/30/2004 5:31 AM EST : RE: Rquest: Mail Fuction
Posts: 739
Zomgawsh Poster

I agree. This would be a very welcome change.

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