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538462739_Inactive (New Admin) 3/31/2007 9:21 AM EST : RE: Better Raid Signups
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I think we all agree that better raid signups make the guildportal more timely for the members ... and one of the most popular reasons to visit the website regularly.

But I have to take a second out to THANK Aaron for the yeoman's work on stopping the spread of the code inserter that corrupted his (really, collectively OUR) web pages against the automated, hourly attack.  The attack was not focused on guildportal and it probably took a lot of paranoia to figure out how to thwart it by making simple, readable, maintainable web pages into paranoid ones.  THANKS!!!!  Other web masters were neither as vigilant nor as skilled and their web pages continue to be silent carriers.

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Starz831 (New Admin) 4/16/2007 5:24 AM EST : RE: Better Raid Signups
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Yes I agree.. the raid sign up currently implement is awful.  Please fix this so I'm not forced to find an outside feature to replace it.

Mysticus (New Admin) 4/30/2007 8:28 AM EST : RE: Better Raid Signups
Posts: 796
Zomgawsh Poster

/signed as well.

There are still so many things that need to be added or updated to the Guild Portal sites. As more Guild Management websites spring up as competition to our beloved GP, there really needs to be a concerted effort to fix some of the nagging issues GP has had for years and years.


537592965_Inactive (New Admin) 5/4/2007 8:45 AM EST : RE: Better Raid Signups
Posts: 2618
Zomgawsh Poster

I like Guild Portal, but- for the past 11mos, I've had to run two sites.  One for DKP/Events, one for (basically) forums and news.  I'd like an update on this soon, or I will migrate from Guild Portal.   :-/

537587230_Inactive (New Admin) 5/15/2007 3:29 AM EST : RE: Better Raid Signups

Posts: 3689
Zomgawsh Poster

Funny.. we have pretty much disabled the calendar feature -- it is TERRIBLE. We have just made our own raid signup threads.

That and the bank area are the two things that really, really need work. I loved how GEM worked in game. PHP is also very nice. I can't imagine how people ever use the GP calendar system for real raids sign-ups.

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538611669_Inactive (New Admin) 5/15/2007 5:17 AM EST : RE: Better Raid Signups
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Bolitash (Guild Admin) 5/15/2007 6:16 AM EST : RE: Better Raid Signups
Posts: 5799
Zomgawsh Poster

This would be great (along with fixing the other glitches noted here and here ) ...

Our alliance just started using group calendar (as it supports multiple guilds and has designated level requirements and class spots (although no overflow, i think).  We want to upload this data, unfortunately, we think it requres PhP.  It would be great if Guild Portal could work on sign-ups using this addon as well, to gather info from ingame.
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Remin19 (New Admin) 5/15/2007 7:06 AM EST : RE: Better Raid Signups

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Xerious (New Admin) 5/20/2007 3:08 PM EST : RE: Better Raid Signups

Posts: 33
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That was one of the big reasons why we came to GP but I'm disappointed in the way it actually functions. I agree that it needs to be updated!

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_Sekul_ (New Admin) 5/22/2007 11:32 AM EST : RE: Better Raid Signups
Posts: 759
Zomgawsh Poster

I realize that this isn't what you're asking for but....

We switched to Group Calendar as a raid scheduling/sign up method and I've used a php script to sync the GC info from in game to a calendar on our site.  Members can not sign up for an event on the site, it has to be done in game.  However, you can go to the calendar, see all the events and by clicking on an event it will show you who is signed up, class/level, etc.

This is also preferable to us because guildies only have one GP account, yet may have 5 toons.  So signing up on the website sometimes caused confusion as we may or may not have been aware of which toon that person intended to bring.

You can see our calendar here.

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