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Forums : Feature Discussion > What's missing for your game [CoH]?
Aaron Lewis (Blue Collar) 7/28/2008 6:37 AM EST : What's missing for your game [CoH]?
GuildPortal Dev
Aaron Lewis
Posts: 1979
Zomgawsh Poster

Hi there!

We've gotten behind on several expansions, additions, and the like for some of the games we host guilds for.  Specifically, we're wondering what we're missing along these lines:

  • Areas of the game.  The zones listed when you are adding or viewing an event, etc.  What's not there that should be?
  • Classes/races.  What's been added that's missing?  What's named incorrectly?
  • Roster stuff.  What should be displayed that isn't?  What's displayed that doesn't really matter to anybody and should be removed to make room for more important data?
  • Content types.  Are there any types of content that you consistently feel the need for, that is specific to your game, that you would like to see added?

There is one topic like this for each of the games we host, at least the top several, and they are stickied in the Feature Requests forum.  Please, if you would, post only in the one that's specific to your game.  We're trying to clean house before we add some things people have been asking for for a long time now, so your help is very appreciated!

As always, thank you for choosing GuildPortal!

Aaron Lewis,

Terratonic (Guild Admin) 7/30/2008 11:33 AM EST : RE: What's missing for your game [CoH]?
Posts: 2637
Zomgawsh Poster

In the drop down list for event locations you have both

Striga Isle
Strige Isle

the Strige Isle entry should be removed as it's a misspelling of the first.

Two new character classes have been added and need to be entered into the list of classes that characters can select.  Those new classes are

Arachnos Soldier
Arachnos Widow

As for some nice things to be added..

In the would be nice if there was a way to instead of having the words for the characters Archetype and origin, instead the in game icons for those classes and origins.

I will start going throug the list of flags and see which ones need entering.

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GAH - Wendy Wildstar
HeroWorks - Lady Spectrum, Terratonic


Archiviste (New Admin) 8/8/2008 11:12 AM EST : RE: What's missing for your game [CoH]?
Posts: 27
Becoming Adept!

A few things of the top 'o my head...

In "Characters and Settings, under "Characters / Edit / Games Skills"

* "Rating" in not really relevant...

* For the list of "Skills", "Epic Power Pools" should be renamed "Ancillary Power Pools", and both the 'regular' Power Pools and Patron Power Pools (CoV) are missing.

PM me if you need a .csv list...


Archiviste (New Admin) 8/8/2008 11:42 AM EST : RE: What's missing for your game [CoH]?
Posts: 27
Becoming Adept!

For the Guild Bank application:

* Salvage Components could be split in 2:
- "Base Salvage" (kept in the Salvage Racks) and
- "Inventions Salvage" (kept in the Personal Storage Lockers)

* New Item Categories:
- "Enhancements" (kept in Enhancement Tables)
- "Inspirations" (kept in Inspirations Collectors)

ref: Storage Items


Archiviste (New Admin) 8/12/2008 4:12 PM EST : RE: What's missing for your game [CoH]?
Posts: 27
Becoming Adept!

I took a closer look at the Powers available in "Game Skills", and found a few problems...

(If you would like to have this list as an Excel file, it is available here)

The following powers are missing:
Dark Armor: Cloak of Fear
Dark Armor: Hide
Dark Armor: Shadow Dweller
Dark Melee: Assassin's Eclipse
Dark Melee: Build Up
Dark Melee: Confront
Dark Melee: Placate
Dual Blades: Ablating Strike
Dual Blades: Assassin's Blades
Dual Blades: Blinding Feint
Dual Blades: Build Up
Dual Blades: Confront
Dual Blades: Nimble Slash
Dual Blades: One Thousand Cuts
Dual Blades: Placate
Dual Blades: Power Slice
Dual Blades: Sweeping Strike
Dual Blades: Taunt
Dual Blades: Typhoon's Edge
Dual Blades: Vengeful Slice
Electric Armor: Charged Armor
Electric Armor: Conductive Shield
Electric Armor: Conserve Power
Electric Armor: Grounded
Electric Armor: Hide
Electric Armor: Lightning Field
Electric Armor: Lightning Reflexes
Electric Armor: Power Sink
Electric Armor: Power Surge
Electric Armor: Static Shield
Electrical Melee: Assassin's Shock
Electrical Melee: Build Up
Electrical Melee: Chain Induction
Electrical Melee: Charged Brawl
Electrical Melee: Havoc Punch
Electrical Melee: Jacobs Ladder
Electrical Melee: Lightning Clap
Electrical Melee: Lightning Rod
Electrical Melee: Placate
Electrical Melee: Taunt
Electrical Melee: Thunder Strike
Electricity Assault: Build Up
Electricity Assault: Charged Bolts
Electricity Assault: Charged Brawl
Electricity Assault: Havoc Punch
Electricity Assault: Lightning Bolt
Electricity Assault: Static Discharge
Electricity Assault: Thunder Strike
Electricity Assault: Voltaic Sentinel
Electricity Assault: Zapp
Energy Melee: Bone Smasher
Fiery Assault: Blaze
Fiery Assault: Blazing Bolt
Fiery Aura: Burn
Fiery Melee: Confront
Fire Manipulation: Fire Sword
Inherent: Assassination
Inherent: Conditioning
Inherent: Containment
Inherent: Critical Hit
Inherent: Defiance
Inherent: Domination
Inherent: Fury
Inherent: Gauntlet
Inherent: Jump Pack
Inherent: Pocket D VIP Pass
Inherent: Scourge
Inherent: Supremacy
Inherent: Vigilance
Luminous Aura: White Dwarf Strike
Psychic Blast: Psionic Dart
Psychic Blast: Psychic Focus
Robotics: Pulse Rifle Burst
Traps: Detonator
Willpower: Fast Healing
Willpower: Heightened Senses
Willpower: Hide
Willpower: High Pain Tolerance
Willpower: Indomitable Will
Willpower: Mind Over Body
Willpower: Quick Recovery
Willpower: Reconstruction
Willpower: Resurgence
Willpower: Rise to the Challenge
Willpower: Strength of Will

The following powers are listed with an incorrect name:
Archery: Explosive Arrow (incorrectly listed as 'Archery: Exploding Arrow')
Archery: Blazing Arrow (incorrectly listed as 'Archery: Flaming Arrow')
Archery: Rain of Arrows (incorrectly listed as 'Archery: Rain of Arrows')
Broad Sword: Confront (incorrectly listed as 'Broad Sword: Taunt')
Claws: Confront (incorrectly listed as 'Claws: Taunt')
Electricity Manipulation: Lightning Field (incorrectly listed as 'Electricity Manipulation: Lighting Field')
Electricity Manipulation: Power Sink (incorrectly listed as 'Electricity Manipulation: Power Thrust')
Energy Aura: Dampening Field (incorrectly listed as 'Energy Aura: Dampening Shield')
Invulnerability: Unyielding (incorrectly listed as 'Invulnerability: Unyielding Stance')
Martial Arts: Placate (incorrectly listed as 'Martial Arts: Placata')
Inherent: Prestige Power Slide (incorrectly listed as 'Prestige: Power Slide')
Regeneration: Instant Healing (incorrectly listed as 'Regeneration: Instant Heal')
Regeneration: Dull Pain (incorrectly listed as 'Regeration: Dull Pain (Regen)')
Sonic Resonance: Sonic Barrier (incorrectly listed as 'Sonic Resonance: Barrier')
Sonic Resonance: Sonic Cage (incorrectly listed as 'Sonic Resonance: Cage')
Sonic Resonance: Disruption Field (incorrectly listed as 'Sonic Resonance: Dis. Field')
Sonic Resonance: Sonic Dispersion (incorrectly listed as 'Sonic Resonance: Dispersion')
Sonic Resonance: Sonic Haven (incorrectly listed as 'Sonic Resonance: Haven')
Sonic Resonance: Sonic Repulsion (incorrectly listed as 'Sonic Resonance: Repulsion')
Sonic Resonance: Sonic Siphon (incorrectly listed as 'Sonic Resonance: Siphon')
Spines: Confront (incorrectly listed as 'Spines: Taunt')
Stone Armor: Minerals (incorrectly listed as 'Stone Armor: Mineral Armor')
Storm Summoning: Lightning Storm (incorrectly listed as 'Storm Summoning: Lighting Storm')
Trick Arrow: Acid Arrow (incorrectly listed as 'Trick Arrow: Acid')
Trick Arrow: Disruption Arrow (incorrectly listed as 'Trick Arrow: Disruption')
Trick Arrow: EMP Arrow (incorrectly listed as 'Trick Arrow: EM Pulse')
Trick Arrow: Entangling Arrow (incorrectly listed as 'Trick Arrow: Entangling')
Trick Arrow: Flash Arrow (incorrectly listed as 'Trick Arrow: Flash')
Trick Arrow: Glue Arrow (incorrectly listed as 'Trick Arrow: Glue')
Trick Arrow: Ice Arrow (incorrectly listed as 'Trick Arrow: Ice')
Trick Arrow: Oil Slick Arrow (incorrectly listed as 'Trick Arrow: Oil Slick')
Trick Arrow: Poison Gas Arrow (incorrectly listed as 'Trick Arrow: Poison Gas')

Fiery Melee: Fire Sword Circle as been misspelled 'Firey: Fire Sword Circle'

The 'Ice Control' set of powers is incorrectly labelled as 'Icy Control':
Ice Control: Arctic Air
Ice Control: Block of Ice
Ice Control: Chilblain
Ice Control: Flash Freeze
Ice Control: Frostbite
Ice Control: Glacier
Ice Control: Ice Slick
Ice Control: Jack Frost
Ice Control: Shiver

The 'Speed' set of powers is incorrectly listed as 'Super Speed':
Speed: Flurry
Speed: Hasten
Speed: Super Speed
Speed: Whirlwind

The 'Katana' set of powers is a mess: is it similar to 'Ninja Blade', not 'Broad Sword'…:
Only 'Katana: Build Up' is OK, the rest should be deleted and replaced with the following:
Katana: Calling the Wolf
Katana: Divine Avalanche
Katana: Flashing Steel
Katana: Gambler's Cut
Katana: Golden Dragonfly
Katana: Soaring Dragon
Katana: Sting of the Wasp
Katana: The Lotus Drops

These powers are listed twice:
Sonic Attack: Howl
Sonic Attack: Scream
Sonic Attack: Shockwave

These are listed twice as well. Keep only one, removing '(Blaster)' or '(Tanker)' at the end
Energy Melee: Stun
Fire Manipulation: Burn

The following powers are not found in the game and should be removed:
Fire Blast: Instant Healing
Gravity Control: Fold Space
Inherent: Spring / Prestige
Inherent: Sprint / Super Strength
Invulnerability: Temperature Protection
Regeneration: Insulation Shield
Warshade Umbral Blast: Dark Matter

The word in parenthesis at the end of these powers could be removed (otherwise they are OK):
Energy Manipulation: Energy Punch
Energy Manipulation: Stun
Fire Manipulation: Consume
Fire Manipulation: Fire Sword Circle
Broad Sword: Disembowel
Broad Sword: Hack
Broad Sword: Head Splitter
Broad Sword: Slash
Broad Sword: Slice
Claws: Slash
Invulnerability: Dull Pain
Energy Melee: Energy Punch
Fiery Aura: Consume

Since 'Inherent' powers are listed, these 'Origin' powers could be added:
Origin: Apprentice Charm
Origin: Mutagen
Origin: Taser Dart
Origin: Throwing Knives
Origin: Tranq Dart

These are powers for the Warshade (similar to the 'Luminous Aura/Blast' for the Peacebringer):
Umbral Aura: Absorption (listed as 'Warshade Umbral Aura: Absorption')
Umbral Aura: Black Dwarf (listed as 'Warshade Umbral Aura: Black Dwarf')
Umbral Aura: Black Dwarf Antagonize missing
Umbral Aura: Black Dwarf Drain missing
Umbral Aura: Black Dwarf Mire missing
Umbral Aura: Black Dwarf Smite missing
Umbral Aura: Black Dwarf Step missing
Umbral Aura: Black Dwarf Strike missing
Umbral Aura: Eclipse (listed as 'Warshade Umbral Aura: Eclipse')
Umbral Aura: Gravity Shield (listed as 'Warshade Umbral Aura: Gravity Shield')
Umbral Aura: Inky Aspect (listed as 'Warshade Umbral Aura: Inky Aspect')
Umbral Aura: Nebulous Form (listed as 'Warshade Umbral Aura: Nebulous Form')
Umbral Aura: Orbiting Death (listed as 'Warshade Umbral Aura: Orbiting Death')
Umbral Aura: Penumbral Shield (listed as 'Warshade Umbral Aura: Penumbral Shield')
Umbral Aura: Shadow Cloak (listed as 'Warshade Umbral Aura: Shadow Cloak')
Umbral Aura: Stygian Circle (listed as 'Warshade Umbral Aura: Stygian Circle')
Umbral Aura: Stygian Return (listed as 'Warshade Umbral Aura: Stygian Return')
Umbral Aura: Twilight Shield (listed as 'Warshade Umbral Aura: Twilight Shield')
Umbral Blast: Dark Detonation (listed as 'Warshade Umbral Blast: Dark Detonation')
Umbral Blast: Dark Extraction (listed as 'Warshade Umbral Blast: Dark Extraction')
Umbral Blast: Dark Nova (listed as 'Warshade Umbral Blast: Dark Nova')
Umbral Blast: Dark Nova Blast (listed as 'Warshade Dark Nova: Nova Blast')
Umbral Blast: Dark Nova Bolt (listed as 'Warshade Dark Nova: Nova Bolt')
Umbral Blast: Dark Nova Detonation (listed as 'Warshade Dark Nova: Nova Detonation')
Umbral Blast: Dark Nova Emanation (listed as 'Warshade Dark Nova: Nova Emanation')
Umbral Blast: Ebon Eye (listed as 'Warshade Umbral Blast: Ebon Eye')
Umbral Blast: Essence Drain (listed as 'Warshade Umbral Blast: Essense Drain' (spelling error))
Umbral Blast: Gravimetric Snare (listed as 'Warshade Umbral Blast: Gravimetric Snare')
Umbral Blast: Gravitic Emanation (listed as 'Warshade Umbral Blast: Gravitic Emanation')
Umbral Blast: Gravity Well (listed as 'Warshade Umbral Blast: Gravity Well')
Umbral Blast: Quasar (listed as 'Warshade Umbral Blast: Quasar')
Umbral Blast: Shadow Blast (listed as 'Warshade Umbral Blast: Shadow Blast')
Umbral Blast: Shadow Bolt (listed as 'Warshade Umbral Blast: Shadow Bolt')
Umbral Blast: Starless Step (listed as 'Warshade Umbral Blast: Starless Step')
Umbral Blast: Sunless Mire (listed as 'Warshade Umbral Blast: Sunless Mire')
Umbral Blast: Unchain Essence (listed as 'Warshade Umbral Blast: Unchain Essence')

These powers should go with the rest of the 'Luminous Aura' power set:
Luminous Aura: White Dwarf (listed as 'Peacebringer White Dwarf: White Dwarf')
Luminous Aura: White Dwarf Antagonize (listed as 'Peacebringer White Dwarf: White Dwarf Antagonize')
Luminous Aura: White Dwarf Flare (listed as 'Peacebringer White Dwarf: White Dwarf Flare')
Luminous Aura: White Dwarf Smite (listed as 'Peacebringer White Dwarf: White Dwarf Smite')
Luminous Aura: White Dwarf Step (listed as 'Peacebringer White Dwarf: White Dwarf Step')
Luminous Aura: White Dwarf Sublimation (listed as 'Peacebringer White Dwarf: White Dwarf Sublimation')

These powers should go with the rest of the 'Luminous Blast' power set:
Luminous Blast: Bright Nova Blast (listed as 'Peacebringer Bright Nova: Bright Nova Blast')
Luminous Blast: Bright Nova Bolt (listed as 'Peacebringer Bright Nova: Bright Nova Bolt')
Luminous Blast: Bright Nova Detonation (listed as 'Peacebringer Bright Nova: Bright Nova Detonation')
Luminous Blast: Bright Nova Scatter (listed as 'Peacebringer Bright Nova: Bright Nova Scatter')

These powers should go with the rest of the 'Inherent' powers: 
Inherent: Dark Sustenance (listed as 'Warshade Inherent: Dark Sustenance)
Inherent: Shadow Recall (listed as 'Warshade Inherent: Shadow Recall)
Inherent: Shadow Step (listed as 'Warshade Inherent: Shadow Step)
Inherent: Combat Flight (listed as 'Peacebringer Inherent: Combat Flight')
Inherent: Cosmic Balance (listed as 'Peacebringer Inherent: Cosmic Balance')
Inherent: Energy Flight (listed as 'Peacebringer Inherent: Energy Flight')


Onyx Viper (New Admin) 8/18/2008 2:05 AM EST : RE: What's missing for your game [CoH]?
Onyx Viper
Posts: 398
Fingers of Fury!

For the Vault Display page:

A way to select what columns are displayed, choosing which item information categories get used, location, etc..

For example, my guild I use the location and description fields to designate whether the salvage item is Hero side or Villain side(as the GP page serves for both groups) and the description to designate the character that is currently holding it, since invention salvage can only be in one of three places, the character's personal inventory, the Black Market truck/Wentworth's sales inventory, or your personal salvage vault.

So, let's say a person is playing villain side, and gets a nice recipe drop, for which they are missing a rare piece of salvage. I only enter rare salvage into the GP vault, because the rest usually gets sold off immediately and would be too much work to keep constantly updated. It would be helpful if the player could go log into the GP page, go to the vault, and sort the salvage list by location, to see what is available villain side, and what is available hero side. Right now they have to locate the item by name, and then click each one to see where it is stored, which given the way the list refreshes, is a lot of extra clicking.

    I'll also second the request for more categories, especially the enhancers, as spares and incomplete/currently un-used Invention Origin set enhancers, as well as a supply of non set Invention Origin enhancers are kept stored in the base. Typically we handle things on a per need basis, letting the members take what they need out of storage and finding someone to craft whatever isn't stored for them, among our group crafters.

    So having an enhancers category, in which we can designate origin, level, and amount of enhancers stored, would help there. If there isn't a nice complete database somewhere of the set enhancers, we could just fill in the information to the best of our ability.

    On a seperate note, I set up a little chart for a coalition Guildportal page, that listed off what SG's within the coalition had access to what zone teleporters within their base, using icons for each zone. Assuming they haven't moved/removed it, you can search for Shield of Paragon and find that chart in their information section. Some GP supplied tool/display for this information would be a nice addition. So every group could include that informationon their pages, without having to eat up their file space for the display icons. It's all GP hosted anyway, so technically just copying the url's to those icons would work for anyone that wanted, until/unless the folks currently administrating the SoP pages deleted those images from their file space.

Aaron Lewis (Blue Collar) 8/19/2008 9:49 PM EST : RE: What's missing for your game [CoH]?
GuildPortal Dev
Aaron Lewis
Posts: 1979
Zomgawsh Poster

Arch --

Thanks so much for taking the time to put all of that together.  One look at all the info and I balked!

I believe I have it all put in/corrected now. 

Again, thank you!
Aaron Lewis,

Archiviste (New Admin) 8/20/2008 5:01 AM EST : RE: What's missing for your game [CoH]?
Posts: 27
Becoming Adept!

Well... you did ask for it !  

Good thing I already had most of the info for my own lil' COH pages on my own lil' server...

nachothecheesyone (New Admin) 8/28/2008 12:29 PM EST : RE: What's missing for your game [CoH]?

Posts: 379
Fingers of Fury!


For the Events Sign-up in COH, for the Role dropdown list, how about allowing users to define custom roles in Admin. 

The current ones make sense: DPS is universal in MMO's... Controllers/Scrappers.  As well as a Healer ... Defenders/Controllers w/Empathy/Kinetics or a sub-healer like Radiation/Storm. Tanks and Off-Tanks would basically be Tanks/Scrappers (Aggro control), but I would also see:

  • "Support" (helps with the fight in only one manner, i.e.: a specific toon for a specific boss/type of enemy, or fulfilling multiple roles at once), 
  • "Buff/Debuff" (raises allies/lowers enemies stats),
  • "Stun/Immobilize" (stops enemies from acting or reduces their ability to act in the first place),
  • "Group Leader" (leads their group to fire in concert with others during a raid), and 
  • "Raid Leader" (fights little if at all, directs groups to fight or assemble on key points) 
as useful possibilities, or just add an "Other" option.

Also, is it possible to allow an Admin to add characters into an Event that's not in GuildPortal, either through their account or in the Event Sign Up interface since COH teams ofter are with other SuperGroups who may not participate in our website.  (Not that adding people to our SG is bad, but we have some older players who know the game like the back of their hand, but fear the World Wide Web or any use of it.)  It would help to give a complete picture of who's with us without affecting the SG Roster (adding a key player as one of my own toons, even if it's not true, and deleting it when done.)

Can the Player's Archetype/Class also be displayed in the event sign-ups?  (WoW-- Human, Night Elf, Tauren, etc.  CoH-- Blaster, Corruptor, Tanker, Stalker, etc.)  That would take a lot of the guesswork out of team planning in Events for players alt characters.


Also, in COH Websites, DKP or Raid Points aren't necessary.  We have our own Prestige system, but it's hard to put it in with any accuracy: either a SG admin would have to punch in their points daily or we'd ignore it from tedium since all fights grant prestige.  Without affecting the WOW Guilds with unnecessary options, can these be hidden when a site identified as a COH site uses them?

There IS a new merit system coming up, but it is meant solely as a currency for Task Force rewards, and you only get one merit per Task Force.


Issue 13 will add the Offline Character Advancement system (Day Jobs) to the servers.  Players can sign out of a specific location and get benefits as an employee of that area.  I don't know if it's a fixed job yet or not (once chosen, doesn't change readily), but it may be a field that might need to be added to the Roster if it is.

I hope these ideas help!

electraoutlaw (Guild Admin) 11/25/2008 5:26 AM EST : RE: What's missing for your game [CoH]?
Posts: 1172
Zomgawsh Poster

Thanks for updating all the very relevant info from Archiviste!  That's been a long time coming.  And thanks Arch for posting it all!

I'd like to reiterate a couple things.
In "Characters/ Settings" > "Game Skills", the "Rating" field is completely irrelevant to CoX and serves only to confuse members as they're filling out character info.  It would be great to hide this on CoH/CoV sites.

I would also love to see more "Roles" in the dropdown list for events sign up.  As it is, our event sign ups usually look like this: 
Main Tank

This isn't accurate, but it's all we have to choose from.  Please add roles like:
  • Support/ Buffs
  • Crowd Control
  • Raid Leader

Also, the guilds in CoX often host Events that do not involve fighting.  Events like Guild (Supergroup) meetings, Parties, Badge Hunts, Base Tours, Costume Contests, etc.  We would love to be able to flag an event as "Combat" or "Social".  It would be great to have signup roles such as:
  • Host / Hostess
  • Trainer
  • Trainee
  • Guide
  • Partyer
  • Judge
  • Contestant
  • Guest
Another Calendar request (which would pertain to all games and guilds, not just CoX) is to add an option to select "All Day" as a time.  There are events like birthdays, guild anniversary, Expansion Releases, etc, that we would like to keep on the calendar for the whole day of that event.  As it is right now, we have to select a starting time for it, and the event will stop displaying on that day's info after the time passes.
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