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Forums : Feature Discussion > Feedback on GuildPortal Helper Add-On?
Mottie (MVP) 1/21/2009 2:05 AM EST : RE: Feedback on GuildPortal Helper Add-On?
GuildPortal MVP
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Zomgawsh Poster

Hey IceburgTX.

I've had problems with QuestHelper and other addons in the past, so maybe look there first. It's been such a pain that I finally quit using it. If you want an excellent alternative to that addon, try Carbonite Quest (but get the free version).

I hope that helps

raziel200 (Guild Admin) 1/21/2009 11:41 PM EST : RE: Feedback on GuildPortal Helper Add-On?
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when i do the cmd /gph roster it just makes a list of the people who were online when i ran the cmd not the whole list of guild members, can we go back to the old sysytem yet?

found out that you need to check the show offline members box to get a full list

Morri-A52 (New Admin) 1/22/2009 2:05 AM EST : RE: Feedback on GuildPortal Helper Add-On?

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Or follow Mottie's instructions here.

raziel200 (Guild Admin) 1/22/2009 7:13 AM EST : RE: Feedback on GuildPortal Helper Add-On?
Posts: 103
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or the people who made the addon could fix it. i mean why am i paying them if i have to fix their programs?

Mottie (MVP) 1/27/2009 4:26 AM EST : RE: Feedback on GuildPortal Helper Add-On?
GuildPortal MVP
Posts: 3884
Zomgawsh Poster

It is fixed now, just download the latest version..

I was only sharing information to help patch the addon until it was fixed. Now that it's working, there is no need to make the changes I described.

IceburgTX (Guild Admin) 2/1/2009 4:53 PM EST : RE: Feedback on GuildPortal Helper Add-On?
Posts: 801
Zomgawsh Poster

Thought I posted this already, but I guess that was the scotch.

For anyone having compatibility/freeze-up issues, what I've resolved to do is run this stand-alone without any other addons running, then reboot with my normal slew of goodies. It's kind of a pain, but it's a heck of a lot easier than the process of elimination method I talked about earlier.

My guild is not a hardcore raid guild, so we aren't using DKP at this point, so a weekly update for site info is good enough for us.


PS. Mottie; thanks for the tip on the not-quest helper tool. I will check that out asap. Quest helper does seem to glitch up.
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ChildHoodHorror (New Admin) 6/21/2010 5:32 AM EST : RE: Feedback on GuildPortal Helper Add-On?

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Just wondering if there is a way to ignore certain tabs in the bank

Draemul (Guild Admin) 6/28/2010 3:10 PM EST : RE: Feedback on GuildPortal Helper Add-On?

Posts: 125
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   The /gph update command always takes the entire roster, online and offline members, regardless of whether the "show offline members" tickbox is checked or not. Since this produces a roster to be uploaded to your website WHY would you want to show only those members currently online at the time created anyway. The entire roster would want to be uploaded in every case. At least that's how I see it.
   After running the update command you get a listing of what has been done and a statement that, in order to include guild bank items in the uploadable lua that you have to open and view all guild bank tabs. I've done that before issuing the update command but no guild bank items were included. If you view the guild bank tabs AFTER running the update command and before exiting the game to perform the upload process all the guild bank items are there.
   I don't like how the guild bank is displayed on the website though. Several categories of items are listed but some of the items themselves are not filed properly. IE: The NOISE MACHINE is listed in the ARMOR group and the ENGINEERING GADGETS (or however its worded) is empty. I have filed a ticket a few days ago about this problem and requested a fix. Not knowing what indicators are used to identify any given item as type x or type y I have no clue personally what such fix would entail, if it is even possible, or how long it will take for the corrections to be applied. Despite that I still greatly appreciate all that GuildPortal has provided for us including the means of informing them of such problems so a fix can be worked out by them.

   BTW, If you want to ignore certain tabs in guild bank for what gets uploaded to your webpage it would seem that since you need to view the bank tabs AFTER the update command, just not viewing that tab would prevent its contents from being included in that which gets uploaded in the .lua file.

Narecs (Guild Admin) 6/29/2010 2:03 PM EST : RE: Feedback on GuildPortal Helper Add-On?

Posts: 33
Becoming Adept!

I would also like to know how the items are ordered into their slots, and if perhaps this is a generic attribute that perhaps other games are using? You'll see why I'm asking in a second.

In any case, I think the easier route would possibly be to simply order (at least until the categories are fixed) the items imported by bank tab.

The assumptions I'm making here are as follows:

After the /gph update command is issued, the guild bank information is wiped.

After accessing the guild bank, items are scanned.

Further items are added as tabs are accessed.

Collection of scanned items is stopped after the bank is closed out.

What I'm wondering here is if it is possible to scan the bank tab, and keep all the items from that tab in one spot. Then, the next scan places the new items in another tab. This way, when people go to the site, they know what items are in which tab, and can request that way. As in, the categories are replaced by bank tabs.

Problems I can see:

Multiple openings of tabs would create more tabs, and there would be far more tabs than are actually possible - would need a limit on the number of possible tabs created.

Until the categories can be sorted out, this would be a much easier and familiar way to access the bank data on the website. As always, just a suggestion.

Oh another question: if a bank tab isn't named, does it get skipped? I'm finding that our last tab is never updated on the site.

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chatvite (New Admin) 6/29/2010 8:08 PM EST : RE: Feedback on GuildPortal Helper Add-On?
Posts: 97
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I have been only able to get the bank tab to work. I can't get the roster or calendar to work. Can anyone help me?

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