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Grace Diamond (Guild Admin) 1/8/2009 2:12 PM EST : Complete website re-design
Grace Diamond
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Ok, so the existing site is here:

and although it's got it's nicer parts to it, I'm pretty much set on now changing the overall style of the site completely.

This is mainly down to how the entire guild have switched sides in the game recently and to be honest things don't quite fit.

So what I need is hints, tips, suggestions and feature improvements so that when people come to the new site, people go "F%*k me, this is awesome!"

Firstly, there's room for an entire new theme, going from colours, fonts, layout... everything. The only major thought I've got to go on is that the guild now support the Spanish nation within the game, so showing those colours in some way in the site would be great, as well as having a new top banner for the site. This will include new mouse-over tabs for navigation below that banner (on horizontal bar) and also have the secondary nav bar (vertical) to match. Then also along that vertical, be able to have images linking to things like the main game site, the game's wiki etc etc Things like the guild ventrilo indicator that I've got there would need to stay. I'd also like to automate the news system now using the RSS feed that's now available for the game at:

The problem I have now is that things look a bit dis-organised, so I need to smooth over the design and uniform the layout.

The game doesn't have access to the same raids point system that other games have, yet apart from that you've got your normal mmo idea of pvp, pve, high-end farming areas, special mission content all of which I'd like to be able to showcase in some way on the website to relay information about them to members and visitors alike easily.

On top of that, the game does have a data API service (see link) and I'd like to use that to be able to show live information about the servers (online/offline, client version) and then another part of this to show the main game world that we play on (see another player made one of what I'm after here)

I'd also love to enhance and make it easier for the members to view existing game media as well as upload/link to their own pictures and videos. I had a basic area for this stuff in existance already yet I want to improve on that as with the rest of the site.

Finally, the front page splash you get right now is something I'd really like to replace with a video advertising the guild for when new people come our way and include a much larger link to the "apply to the guild" option along with this.

As you can see this will be nothing short of a massive task and to be honest, well beyond my single skills to pull off. So this is me asking you guys for help. Have you done any part of what I'm asking for before? If so, how did you pull it off? Would you have any tips and advise for doing something in a certain way?

Any and all help will be appreciated and I would be forever in the debt of you guys if you can help me make a frankly awesome site!


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