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Gax_DDO (New Admin) 10/24/2008 11:17 AM EST : Filling a content box
Posts: 396
Fingers of Fury!

A few questions about filling a content box with an image

On my guild site I would like to fill my links box up with 1 image, including filling in the link rows with the image and having the link hide the image on mouse over. (opposite from what it is now.)

Or would it just be easier to just create a free form html box with the links and the image in it?
I would like to be able to keep the mouse over effect.


Mottie (MVP) 10/29/2008 4:56 AM EST : RE: Filling a content box
GuildPortal MVP
Posts: 3884
Zomgawsh Poster

This isn't perfect because it looks different on IE vs FF, but try this:

Change this line in your CSS:
#box_Lincs .ContentBoxBody2 { padding: 0px; color: #5a4129; }
Add these lines to that section
#box_lincs .lincs {background: transparent url( left top repeat-x; width:100%; padding:10px 25px; }
#box_lincs .lincs2 {background: #000000 url(); width:100%; padding:10px 25px;}
Then wrap your links with this "div" (in blue). So you'll have to use a "free form text/HTML" type content box.
<div class="lincs" ="this.className='lincs2'" ="this.className='lincs'">

<a href="" target=_blank><b>The Guild &nbsp;</b></a>
<a href="" target=_blank><b>DDOCAST&nbsp;</b></a>
<a href=";q=Dungeons+and+dragons" target=_blank><b>Attack the Darkness&nbsp;</b></a>
<a href="" target=_blank><b>Boots of Escaping&nbsp;</b></a>
<a href="" target=_blank><b>Dorkness Rising </b></a>

I tried doing it with CSS, but it just wasn't cooperating today. I could look into it again when I have more time.


Gax_DDO (New Admin) 11/4/2008 9:40 AM EST : RE: Filling a content box
Posts: 396
Fingers of Fury!

Thanks Mottie, But I just kept it simple and made a html box for the links and forming the box in css.
I will look at using that code for my rss feed box.

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