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Forums : Pimp My Site! > How do I delete an event without deleting all the recurring ones?
Ascendant78 (Guild Admin) 3/18/2009 8:58 AM EST : How do I delete an event without deleting all the rec...
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Becoming Adept!

Since I filled up my available events that I can post to our event schedule on our site recently, I tried to do what this company suggests in removing old events that are outdated.  The only thing I've managed to find that allows you to delete old events also deletes all the recurring ones for the future as well!  I have no idea why they have the site do that but I also don't see any option anywhere to be able to delete each event individually?  So basically my question is how do I delete a past event to make room for new ones while not deleting every single recurring one for that event as well?


chefricochet (Guild Admin) 3/18/2009 9:17 AM EST : RE: How do I delete an event without deleting all the...
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Fingers of Fury!

 Well, there are several ways.
1) Click on edit for that event, and edit it!
2) Open the main editor and redo the events (whats 5 minutes of your time?)
3) Send a letter to your members to ignore the malicious event!
4) If you are a paid site, then that eliminates the issue.
5) I would not schedule so far into the future! Remove ALL of the old stuff, and start over! If you have to enter the data every week so what!
(whats 5 minutes of your time?)

If you love something, set it free! If it doesn't come back; hunt it down, and kill it!

Ascendant78 (Guild Admin) 3/18/2009 11:23 AM EST : RE: How do I delete an event without deleting all the...
Posts: 34
Becoming Adept!

great, thanks for all the info.  i figured editing it is probably the only way to do it, and i'll try to not schedule so far in advance from now on.

as far as paying for the site being the solution, considering their cs doesn't seem to respond to tickets, i don't think i'd pay for it anytime soon until i saw some serious improvement of their ticket response... or for that matter a response period.


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