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Josel,Selie (New Admin) 7/29/2009 3:02 AM EST : Drawing on the site page

Posts: 4
Getting Started!

just wondering if there are anyways to draw on my guild site using a ms paint style program. a little tut on how to do so would be nice thanks!

Blessly (New Admin) 7/29/2009 7:13 AM EST : RE: Drawing on the site page
Posts: 22
Becoming Adept!

Hi there since im also rather new at all this making a guild site stuff im just gonna quote mottie here with the answer i got...
using the help site from mottie has gotten me far

Yes u can draw something for ur site using paint by some simple steps but dont hang me if im wrong im new:P

  1. Make the picture using paint then save it
  2. us a program like photoshop or like i use a free download program "image optimeizer" to rezise the picture and save it
  3. open and if u dont have one make an acoount its quick easy and free. upload ur immage then get the URL code
  4. put this in ur custom CSS

body {background: url(Put ur immage URL here) top center;}
.PageWrapper {width:975px !important;}
.LeftContentZone {width:225px !important;}
.RightContentZone {width:225px !important;}
.CenterContentZone {max-width:500px; width:auto !important; width:500px;}

Mottie said:

Hi Blessly!

To quickly answer your questions:

1 & 2 Background images:

  • If you are using a single image you want to stretch across your site, it won't work. Unless you stretch the image yourself using a photo editor, but then it may not look good for all resolutions. I do have an example of a stretched image on my Help-Site Roster Page. The image itself is stretched to 1700 x1322 - if the screen resolution goes above that (which probably already has or may in the future) it may not look as good. You could also check out this post about changing your content sizes and background image based on the users browser window.
  • If you don't have a single image you plan on using, then your best bet would be to use an image that you can make repeat in only the horizontal direction, vertical direction or both (tiled) - maybe this tutorial will help explain better.
You can always get to the Help-Site using the link in my sig below... I wish you luck!


Josel,Selie (New Admin) 7/29/2009 12:09 PM EST : RE: Drawing on the site page

Posts: 4
Getting Started!

just wondering does it have to fit in one of the collum slots or is it free-drag style?

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