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Forums : Pimp My Site! > Display problem with "Shouts"
538072914_Inactive (New Admin) 12/18/2006 10:33 PM EST : Display problem with "Shouts"

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I have a slight problem.  I changed the display setting for my shouts from 5 to 15, but decided that it was way to many (because it displayed every shout that was done) to show up on the site.  When I changed the number decreasing it from 15 to 6, all the shouts still show up on the main page, and no matter how low the number is that I put to be displayed.  It still shows all the shouts ever done by members of my guild.

How do I change it so that only 6 shouts display instead of all the shouts?  Is this something I need to make a service ticket on?  I wouldn't mind having all of them, but it really takes away from the home page now, and makes my right side column extremely long.  Plus. some shouts were done by members who are no longer members of my guild.  I don't want to clear out all the shouts because that will not only clear out the old ones, but will also clear out the new ones.  I also do not want to DELETE any of the shouts at this time.

Any suggestions are welcome,

Thank you

537987726_Inactive (New Admin) 12/19/2006 12:51 AM EST : RE: Display problem with "Shouts"
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Fingers of Fury!

If you want to display a certain number of shouts, you can go to where the shout box is, click the edit icon and then go to display options. Just choose how many you want to display. I am not sure if it will clear your original shouts or not though.

 Anywho.... this morning, for all my knowledge I am experiencing problems with the shout box. Our shout box was getting too long AND I noticed the format had changed (color, a little envelope added next to the person's name so you can mail them, etc.), so I decided to clear it (as I have several times). When i did that, it seems that you cannot add a shout.  I see 
add shout: ______ where "___" is the field box but there isn't anything linked to actually submit it. Hitting Return doesn't work either.

Neutrio (Guild Admin) 12/19/2006 11:19 AM EST : RE: Display problem with "Shouts"
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Posts With Wolves

Shout Box does seem to have had some interesting Christmas presents given to it

Lines are squished together -- i.e. very little space in between lines, not bad really, just wasn't expecting it.

Add Shout button is not there but entering text in the Add Shout: box & pressing Return/Enter worked for me.

Added another Shout Box to see if there were any more controls added to the object but I do not see any more than there were previously.

New CSS control?
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538072914_Inactive (New Admin) 12/19/2006 8:36 PM EST : RE: Display problem with "Shouts"

Posts: 253
Fingers of Fury!

 I actually entered the amount of shouts I wanted shown, but it still shows all of them.  That's the problem!  I cant decrease the amount of shouts being shown in the shout area, and I would like to.

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