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537715272_Inactive (New Admin) 1/14/2007 5:20 AM EST : CSS on my Page??

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OK i have done alot of stuff to my site without using any Css, but there are some things im sure that i can change using that. Heres my site Sword of the Wind God. If you could help me on this I would greatly appreciate it. Im havin alot of trouble with Css for some reason.

Aaron Lewis (Blue Collar) 1/14/2007 10:57 AM EST : RE: CSS on my Page??
GuildPortal Dev
Aaron Lewis
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Well your site looks pretty good with what you've done with the regular settings.  Yeah you could do quite a bit more by using Custom CSS, but it's best to make sure the added stuff you could do is actually stuff you want to do...

Anyway, what in particular did you need help with on your site?
Aaron Lewis,

537715272_Inactive (New Admin) 1/14/2007 11:27 PM EST : RE: CSS on my Page??

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The initial set up of the CSS, would be greatly appreciated. Im usually pretty good at making stuff work after i get my hands on it for abit. But to answer the question i need to make custom border boxes and im workin on making the background static. Those are the only ones off the top of my head. This Css stuff is givin me pain, i guess cause i dont really know where to start or what to start with. Thx for replying.

Neutrio (Guild Admin) 1/17/2007 11:18 AM EST : RE: CSS on my Page??
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Not to steal Aaron's thunder -- since he is the GP God -- and certainly not to toot my own horn or say I am an authority on anything but I proffered an answer to your static background requirement in this GP Admin forum topic:

As for the custom borders, I struggled with that too but managed to ferret it out & posted that in:

As for getting started with CSS, I have cobbled together all of the CSS elements I can find but I may have not gotten them all and have included them in my CSS -- whether I use them or not -- and you can extract them from my site by selecting (Windows IE users) View Source from the View menu.  You can use either the production or test site in my signature block below.  They are all bunched together at the top & all of them begin with a dot/period -- the only one that isn't standard GP is:   .HItooltipheader
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