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Forums : Pimp My Site! > More info in the Roster?
nightyear (Guild Admin) 11/14/2008 8:20 AM EST : More info in the Roster?
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Fingers of Fury!


I'm new to the GPAdmin forum, and I'm guessing what I'm asking has been asked previously.  Unfortunately whatever search terms I've been plugging in have been coming back with unrelated questions and answers.  I've waded through them awhile but haven't come across any good answers yet.   Can someone help and point me in the right direction? 

What I'm looking to do is compile a more complete roster for our guild.   Specifically I need the Tradeskill name and skill level for each character.  I also would like to find a way to attribute characters to an alias, i.e. "all of these are John's toons".  I'm thinking I can set an admin note for each toon with that info, then just sort by that.  (i.e. tag all 10 of John's alts with the same officer info) 

Can anyone help me out on how to gather and keep this info up to date?  I know I can use the guild roster addon tool and then hand-enter the tradeskills in, but they're a pain to maintain.  I'd rather something that's dynamically updated, or something I can do in batch mode once a week or so.  I also don't want to depend on individual contributors if I can help it. 

I'm a sysadmin and familiar with a bit of scripting.  My HTML skills aren't too bad, but I know next to nothing about CSS or XML yet.   I fooled around with an XML parser and Excel 2007's import features against the armory, but couldn't get the right info to show up.

(Officer of The Pentaverate of Thunderhorn) 


RoniB (New Admin) 11/14/2008 9:36 AM EST : RE: More info in the Roster?
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   From what I have found, that's still the only way to update it, by hand.... another way it can be done is just to make sure your members do it on their own pages... that way you can't do it... they can do it on their own, under the charcter and settings icon. As for the tags... just do that on the Title section, under member admin and their name... that's the way I do it, and it shows up on all the pages. Hope this helps some, even though I know it doesn't really.... gl!

nightyear (Guild Admin) 11/15/2008 2:34 PM EST : RE: More info in the Roster?
Posts: 441
Fingers of Fury!

Anyone aware of third party tools that will do this, or a place to commission this work with someone more skilled in xml/css than I?  


Kaysi (Guild Admin) 11/17/2008 12:07 AM EST : RE: More info in the Roster?
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Fingers of Fury!

I haven't run into anything that puts that information onto the Roster, but this was written to be pretty detailed as far as professions are concerned. Maybe it will help!


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