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Forums : Pimp My Site! > BBcode support?
Tarkadahl (Guild Admin) 1/18/2009 1:47 PM EST : BBcode support?
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Fingers of Fury!

Hi, am I losing my marbles or have I just missed something?

Does GP's guild website forums provide support for BBcode?

If so, is there a knack to getting it working?

                   Tarkafunk L80 (AOC), L70 (WoW), EQ2, AO, SWG, EVE                        

Tarkadahl (Guild Admin) 1/19/2009 2:58 AM EST : RE: BBcode support?
Posts: 479
Fingers of Fury!

No one know?
The reason for asking is that has an excellent database for AOC items.

I can make tooltips appear on the cursor by linking to their site by using the script and html they have provided.

However, its a little cumbersome for those who aren't conversant with html.  So someone has suggested an easier way to linking using BBcode....

                   Tarkafunk L80 (AOC), L70 (WoW), EQ2, AO, SWG, EVE                        

Mottie (MVP) 1/19/2009 9:24 AM EST : RE: BBcode support?
GuildPortal MVP
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Zomgawsh Poster

Some BBCode is supported on GP...

Remove the spaces inside the brackets to make these work

[ i ] - italics
[ b ] - bold
[ u ] - underline
[ url ] - link


But I don't think you can customize them.

I also looked at yg database and I wish there was a simplier way to add the links.

Wowhead only requires you add the link to the page, it's javascript updates the link to make the popup work... yg database gives you this code to add (that includes the line numbers):
   1.   <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
   2. <a href=""
      ="ShowToolTip(event, '')">Blacksulphur Robe</a>
Breaking down line 2:
<a href=""
  • the Orange is the link to the page
  • the purple is the javascript that makes the tooltip work
  • the green is the image URL
  • the blue is the item name
Personally I've seen it difficult for most people to pull out the portion that they need to add, but I could easily write a script to make the tooltips work if the user only added the image URL as follows:
<a href=""></a>
Yes, I didn't add the item name, because it's part of the URL and could be extracted out.

But do you think the common user could find and pull this portion out of the HTML? If so, I'll start working on the code.


Tarkadahl (Guild Admin) 1/19/2009 12:25 PM EST : RE: BBcode support?
Posts: 479
Fingers of Fury!

Thanks for the reply mottie. 

As you rightly point out, the process of linking to the database isn't exactly "user friendly" right now.

Someone suggested the idea of creating references in the html code that is placed on the guild website forums.  This allows users could to apparently use BBcode to post links which have the tooltips appearing when you hover over them. 

Details are found at the bottom of page 2 on the following thread:

This led to me asking what the long number was for.  Apparently one of its uses is as a hash code used to designate between items that have the same name but different levels.

However, apparently are making changes to their database concerning those hash codes etc.  Which will probably make things easier:

"Last week we redesigned the entire system to avoid huge links for the tool-tips and we're going to be implementing the system changes to help with performance, ease of use, and general better database design over the next month or so."

So this in itself might cure the cumbersome linking process anyhow. 
So, I guess we'll have to wait and see what they come up with.  Maybe then, the process of linking to their database will be a lot more "user friendly"

                   Tarkafunk L80 (AOC), L70 (WoW), EQ2, AO, SWG, EVE                        

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