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537806703_Inactive (New Admin) 6/7/2006 12:01 AM EST : Help with pane widths!

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Getting Started!

I'm trying to change the width of the left and right panes when on the 'Home' page. I'm going to Site Pages, and Display Options for Home. 

But no matter what values I choose in the
Content Containers Appearance settings for Left Pane Width or Right Pane Width, they don't change at all. (Trying to set both to 250px. Centre pane width is blank)

Is there some other setting that prevents this from working?


537125913_Inactive (New Admin) 6/7/2006 1:05 AM EST : RE: Help with pane widths!
Posts: 1556
Zomgawsh Poster

someone correct me if i'm wrong but those are default sizes, i believe you have to change the theme to find a different size pane

before you do that, try typing in a size for the center pane also, the center  pane size box is blank because its a default size, so by not changing that, you're asking it to fit too much in too little of a space.

to be honest these are educated guess's, not nesecarily facts lol

537806703_Inactive (New Admin) 6/7/2006 3:59 AM EST : RE: Help with pane widths!

Posts: 5
Getting Started!

GuildPortal Administrator's Guide (p20):

Content Containers Appearance. On each page are three containers for content: left, center and right. You can set the width of these containers so that content you want to add displays optimally or just to customize the appearance of your site further. We recommend using absolute pixel values (eg "175px") for the side containers and leaving the center pane width empty, so that the larger content which usually appears in the center can scale to the user's browser or the content it's containing.


daVardok (New Admin) 8/24/2006 8:28 PM EST : RE: Help with pane widths!

Posts: 284
Fingers of Fury!

Our site is having a similar problem as the original poster.  No matter what the left and right frame widths are set to, our Shout box seems to be pushing everything to one side.

Our site is simple, and doesn't deviate much from the default that was provided except for color and banner.  The left and right frames are both defaulted to 175px while the center frame width is blank.  The Custom HTML pages are untouched (as far as I know).

We have more than one content box on each side (left and right), but for some reason the Shout box happens to be wider than the rest (and squeezes the other frames).  I don't know why this is...or if anyone else has had the same quirk? 

I don't know why only one piece of content would be bigger than all of the others.  It's the same no matter which side I place the Shout box on...Any ideas/suggestions?


Grumblestone (New Admin) 8/25/2006 5:40 AM EST : RE: Help with pane widths!
Posts: 526
Zomgawsh Poster

I think the problem here is the width that is set for the site. Youhave the site width then the boxes have to try to fit within this. Letme go and find where the setting is...

Ok- control panel/page style/body content.

Also consider the margins between the content boxes.

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