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Deleted User (New Admin) 3/25/2004 5:42 AM EST : Forge of Souls (EQ) - Sneak Peak

Deleted User
Posts: 0

Greetings fellow GuildPortians!

You may remember my post regarding a guild I used to lead and design for, which no longer exist for a couple of reasons, but I won't get into that .

Well, we now have a new guild that has been submitted.  We are waiting on final approval.

So, with that I wanted to give you a sneak peak at our current site as it's being constructed.

I've done some things that take advantage of the new control panel.  First of all, I got rid of TABS at the top so that we could focus all of our navigation in the left hand side.  This will ensure some consistency with our links for newbie web users and seasoned users alike so they always know where to find our links.  Secondly, I created a background that blends with the containers on the left to give it the illusion that it is a “unique” section.  Basically, I measured the content box width with the image.  It won't look right if your resolution is set to 640x480, so our ideal viewing is 1024x768 minimum.  Thirdly, I've brought in pieces of art that blend well with a common theme, and used a color theme that is both aesthetic and pleasing to the eye, and the feedback from our members has been good. 

I'm trying to keep it clean, and as accessible as possible.  I do hope you enjoy our latest work.  Feel free to respond. .


Rhomany (New Admin) 3/25/2004 9:07 AM EST : RE: Forge of Souls (EQ) - Sneak Peak
Posts: 2181
Zomgawsh Poster

Looking good so far - I like the frameset 'effect' you've created for your links by using two colours - very effective.

Ironhand (Guild Admin) 3/25/2004 9:08 AM EST : RE: Forge of Souls (EQ) - Sneak Peak

Posts: 1328
Zomgawsh Poster

Very nice design and layout.  Love the sword and color scheme.

Also, noticed your in the Spotlight... GREAT JOB... Keep up the good work.

Los Whappos
Dark Age of Camelot
   Ironhand Dasha (Cleric, L50, ML10, CL10)
 World of Warcraft
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   Ironhand (Zealot, R11)


Deleted User (New Admin) 3/25/2004 9:09 AM EST : RE: Forge of Souls (EQ) - Sneak Peak

Deleted User
Posts: 0

Thanks guys,
Actually, we were in the spotlight for our old guild, this is our new one... I guess my title still holds for the time being.

Thanks again for visiting!

26903_Inactive (New Admin) 3/26/2004 10:30 AM EST : RE: Forge of Souls (EQ) - Sneak Peak
Posts: 485
Fingers of Fury!

Wow, I like it alot. Like the soothing blue color. And as wlway, the page looks extremely professional looking, much more talent than I.

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