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OpallNotten (New Admin) 12/22/2008 3:53 AM EST : Looking For A Bit Of Help
Posts: 410
Fingers of Fury!


I am sooo very new to this. I have been looking through these threads and the links provided to help others out. I find that even the links given out to help others are over my head:( I have no clue what I am doing:(

Here is what I am trying to do:
I want to change the background image on my page. I have googled bunches of background sites and found many I like. It states on those sites that all I should have to do is copy that pic and add it. I have tryed this but I get no results.

I am a complete NooB when it comes to this.
So you helpers have an idea what you are dealing with here; My space is as far as my web design skills go.....and most of that is copy/paste stuff.

Is there a GuildPortal Web Design for Dummies guide out

Any Help Is Appreciated.

Kaysi (Guild Admin) 12/22/2008 10:14 AM EST : RE: Looking For A Bit Of Help
Posts: 445
Fingers of Fury!

Hello there!

The best place to start would be our beloved Mottie's Test Site. He has many things laid out really nicely to get a good jump start on your site!

Are you using the free or paid version of the Guild portal site?

As for the background picture, when you find one that you like make sure you save it and host it somewhere you can use it (photobucket, flickr, etc). If you are avoiding using the CSS (Custom Style Sheet) you can go to your Control Panel---> Styles and Colors ---> Page Styles ---> the very first tab you will see is Page Background. You can paste the url for your hosted background image on the Page Background Image line.

Those instructions will work for you if you aren't using the CSS (Custom Stylesheet).

Good Luck!


OpallNotten (New Admin) 12/23/2008 4:09 AM EST : RE: Looking For A Bit Of Help
Posts: 410
Fingers of Fury!

To answer the Question, I am a paid member.

I am still having issues with the background.
I picked one out and applied it as instructed. I get no error message saying I have done something wrong. It just took out the old background and left me with a black background lol.

Still clueless but learning more and more daily

OpallNotten (New Admin) 12/23/2008 4:33 AM EST : RE: Looking For A Bit Of Help
Posts: 410
Fingers of Fury!

I think I have mastered the main things I want done minus the background.

Hopfully someone can come along and give me step by step on how to do this.

Here is a link to the background I want:

I know how to tweek the content boxes and such to make this page flow a bit better.

Everytime I try to apply this my page goes completly white or nothing changes at all.
I am using PhotoBucket for a hosting site.

Any hints-tips-walkthroughs Appreciated Greatly


P.S. Guild name Is o for those who want to check it out

IceHeart. (Guild Admin) 12/23/2008 12:00 PM EST : RE: Looking For A Bit Of Help
Posts: 110
Posts With Wolves

As Kaysi said, go to Control Panel---> Styles and Colors ---> Page Styles --->Overall Page Syle -.. Page backgrounds : save your image path there and set the Tile? option to 'tile'.

Occasiolnally, if you have not done so before, you may get a 'Body width required' error - in that case, go also to the Tab 'Site layout' and set the '
Content Area Width'? option to 99% .. or a specific pixel number.

You can also use Mottie's instruction to do it via directly CSS, but for now, maybe easier to do it via the site options.

I have set my test site to 'your'  background temporarily so you see how it'd look:

Of course, the colors are all wrong, since i'm working on something different atm hehe..


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