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Deleted User (New Admin) 3/16/2003 6:30 AM EST : Blades of Glory (EQ)

Deleted User
Posts: 0

Kudos to Aaron for providing this great platform for our guilds! As always, in construction but its to a point now were its easy on the eyes lol..

Blades of Glory

Note though that this isn't my orginal concept, it was borrowed from the forums below..

Chronicles theme by Jakob Persson (

Deleted User (New Admin) 3/16/2003 5:24 PM EST : RE: Blades of Glory

Deleted User
Posts: 0

Looks good, but you may not want to have Yellow Text on a Yellow background. It's somewhat harder to read.

Deleted User (New Admin) 7/3/2003 5:56 PM EST : RE: Blades of Glory

Deleted User
Posts: 0


I got the bug and decieded to tackle those mysterious box image element editors...

enough trial and error produced a good upgrade to my site  .. it took me far too long to get it right, soon tho i'll post a how to in the general forum.

btw.. my link is redirected, so once your there and you want to go back.. you have to backspace two clicks instead of one.

also.. for a limited time I opened up the sections that usually only members could see (my site was pretty plain hehe for general public). Finally, we think we have our site where it works best for us, feel free to browse around. You'll notice I have a few scripts running on my own webspace, I think they each have links to their sources if your inclined.


Deleted User (New Admin) 8/17/2003 3:58 PM EST : RE: Blades of Glory

Deleted User
Posts: 0

I might suggest knocking down a few of the images, with DSL it takes me 5 minutes to download your home page -cringes- . Once I hit the stop button everything came into place and it was very nice!

Deleted User (New Admin) 5/16/2004 2:09 PM EST : RE: Blades of Glory

Deleted User
Posts: 0

Well, took down the woodwork and went for a more stone kinda feel.

536885761_Inactive (New Admin) 5/16/2004 2:53 PM EST : RE: Blades of Glory
Posts: 3977
Zomgawsh Poster

I kinda liked the woodwork, but I like the stonework too. /shrug

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