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Konnath (New Admin) 8/13/2009 10:51 AM EST : RE: Pimp My Website! (Please Read)
Posts: 219
Fingers of Fury!

Hello Draylor.

Glad you liked the site. And yes the site is fully customized with tons of help from Motties test site.  The borders I created using photoshop, as well as many other graphics on the site. 

As for having a static back ground this is the code i used:

 background-attachment: fixed;
 background-position: center center;

The one thing I found out is that you want to make your background img resolution  bigger then any resolution out there.  With CSS there is no way to make the back ground stretch to fit the resolution.  If you don't make the reslution bigger you'll get a choppy look to the back ground.

Zaude (New Admin) 9/4/2009 4:24 PM EST : RE: Pimp My Website! (Please Read)

Posts: 2
Getting Started!

Delete this.

Immortum (New Admin) 9/6/2009 7:50 PM EST : RE: Pimp My Website! (Please Read)
Posts: 157
Posts With Wolves

I hope I'm getting this right.  Took me a little while to get things set up in a theme to match the guild name.  There are a couple of things I really would like to still do.  First, I uploaded some files that I would like to place in the library as MS Word files (.doc) or excel spreadsheets.  I want members to be able to download them as such for their use.  However, I cannot figure out how to post file links directly to the file from the free text box/HTML box?  When I click on the hyperlink the box reloads and the user has to scroll back to click on a second hyperlink before accessing the file??    Also, with regards to the library box, I wanted to insert multiple ones so that I can keep some open to public access and one which requires member officers access first.  However, when I place multiple library boxes they simply are repeated so that no matter what I place in one box it is repeated in any other boxes I place to include separate tabs.

I would love any suggestions as to how I can make my site better.  I am really looking to try to attract people visually and interactively in hopes of catching their interests toward joining my guild.


NyconWoW (New Admin) 9/9/2009 6:04 PM EST : RE: Pimp My Website! (Please Read)

Posts: 45
Becoming Adept!

I would like a little help with my site. Having a issue with my CSS for my site look. Boarders are not matching with the text. Also want to add a title to my Splash page but it is not working for me. tell me what you think.

DJive (New Admin) 9/16/2009 8:27 PM EST : RE: Pimp My Website! (Please Read)

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Splash pages suck..

no matter.

Most users will leave a page that has a splash page without hitting Enter.

i would remove that ASAP.

at the moment it looks like a work in progress / not fully complete so its hard for me to comments.

I will say that the boxes do not match the background
The hyperlink is to "blue"
tables need to be centered

and because you are using a solid background image you need to center and FIX the table size, otherwise it stretches and makes it look not so good.

melfra (Guild Admin) 10/3/2009 5:52 PM EST : RE: Pimp My Website! (Please Read)
Posts: 15
Becoming Adept!

Hopefully I'm doing this right (I haven't posted here before xD) I've been having a hard time getting members of the legion I'm in to register for the GP site, I'm really starting to wonder if it has anything to do with how the content boxes are laid out. I'm hoping that someone can give me feedback on what people most like to see on their main pages so I can fix the site accordingly? If there's one thing I'm awful at, it's getting people willing to work in a forum... no matter how much I post myself, it seems as though only the same people come back, so I really do want to make the site useful for the other members!

And if there are things I can improve on for the design, I'd be very interested in hearing about that too. Thanks for the help!

Psi'a Meese (Guild Admin) 10/3/2009 8:04 PM EST : RE: Pimp My Website! (Please Read)
Psi'a Meese
Posts: 896
Zomgawsh Poster

I had to look up your guild name in Google to determine which game that your guild was part of.  I found your post at Aion and thought it might prove helpful for player's surfing past your site. I would suggest pasting this into your Welcome box:

Heys everyone. Sankou here, the leader of the up and coming legion Jolly Rogers.
We'rea fresh new legion thats main focus is to have fun with casual/mildlyhardcore players to obtain some of the best fun and items in Aion.
We're a helpful bunch and we'll work with you to get you up to speed onthe basics of Aion as we work our ways to end game.

Jolly Rogers, We've got bombs~


melfra (Guild Admin) 10/4/2009 3:28 PM EST : RE: Pimp My Website! (Please Read)
Posts: 15
Becoming Adept!

Thanks for the help, I hadn't realized our leader hadn't put his message up yet, but it's fixed now. Any suggestions for the rest of the site?

Mottie (MVP) 10/11/2009 10:24 AM EST : RE: Pimp My Website! (Please Read)
GuildPortal MVP
Posts: 3884
Zomgawsh Poster

I have a suggestion....

You need more pirates!!! ARRRRRrrrrrrr

Hehe, just kidding... I like your site 

Josewales (New Admin) 10/19/2009 7:30 AM EST : RE: Pimp My Website! (Please Read)
Posts: 4064
Zomgawsh Poster

Heya folks.  First time reader long time subscriber.

Guildportal is still the bomb in our books.  A few years back we tried a custom website from scratch and found it was hell for guild administrators to help with maintaining the site.  Therefore we ended up back at GP.  Today there are a ton of guild websites out there that use different hosts or original templates.  They all look cookie cutter.  GP's format imo stands out from the cookie cutter even though there are a lot of guilds who just use a supplied template and dont do much with it.  This is where GP gets a bad rap from the community.  They tend to stereotype GP due to such lack of creativity and effort.  Anyways, myself am the main creator for our guild and love the diverse tools that GP supplies.  From the amateur to the advnaced, GP suites all of us.

Here is a sample of what GP and 3rd party programs can do...


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