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Forums : Voodoo Tech and Scripter's Den of Scriptniquity > Create Timeout/Delay in for-each loops?
Dalaar (New Admin) 3/16/2008 7:53 PM EST : Create Timeout/Delay in for-each loops?

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Hi there yall!

So i'm fairly fresh to xml/xsl and am working on a xsl stylesheet which will dynamicaly build a list of members (sorted and paginated) who are 375 at their professions.  The for-search, if, and choose logic's are all functioning fine for me, but will only work when a small number of members (3 or so) are searched.  I suspect i'm hitting a transaction limit on the WoW Armory site.

What i'm going to do instead now, is create a script which will cache all the data to my system over night and update my site.  To do so, i need a delay in a for-each loop.  My transformation page will essentially:

1.    Grab list of Members in Guild from armory
2.    access first member url and grab profession level and profession
3.    wait for 30 seconds before doing next member

Thanks in advance!

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