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Forums : Voodoo Tech and Scripter's Den of Scriptniquity > Limit LotRO Server Status List
Mottie (MVP) 6/9/2011 9:20 AM EST : Limit LotRO Server Status List
GuildPortal MVP
Posts: 3884
Zomgawsh Poster

Limit LotRO Server Status List

Use this script to only show the servers you want:

.server-status {
  background: center center no-repeat;
  width: 12px;
  height: 12px;
  text-indent: -999em;
  overflow: hidden;
.server-up { background-image: url(; }
.server-down { background-image: url(; }
 var serversToShow = [

 // ***************************
 // Don't change anything below
 // ***************************

 ,ss = $('.gpWidget-lotross');
 if (ss.length){
    .find('div:contains(UP)').addClass('server-status server-up').end()
    .find('div:contains(DOWN)').addClass('server-status server-down');
  $.each(serversToShow, function(i,s){
    ss.find('li:contains(' + s + ')').show();
  • CSS for the server status icon can be changed by replacing the URL in orange with the URL to your image. Then adjust the icon size in red to match your image.
  • Add the server statuses to show into the serversToShow variable.
  • Each server name in the list can be a partial name but capitalization is important.
  • To match "[FR] Sirannon" you only need to have "Sirannon" in the serversToShow variable, or even just "Sir" since no other server name has those letters.
  • If you add "ir" to the serversToShow variable, it will match "[DE] Gwaihir", "[FR] Sirannon", "Elendilmir" and "Firefoot".
  • Make sure each server in the serversToShow variable is separated by commas, but the last server in the list cannot be followed by a comma (no comma after "Sirannon" in the example above) otherwise IE will break.
Edit (6/10/2011): Added server status text replacement with an icon

Gekko (New Admin) 6/23/2011 3:47 PM EST : RE: Limit LotRO Server Status List
Posts: 841
Zomgawsh Poster

I amgetting the following error: The LOTRO server status widget is currently unavailable. It can be removed through the control panel.

I like this widget! Any idea how to get it to work?

Mottie (MVP) 6/23/2011 4:53 PM EST : RE: Limit LotRO Server Status List
GuildPortal MVP
Posts: 3884
Zomgawsh Poster

Hi SabrielofLorien!

Sorry I don't have control over the widget, just modifying the available information. You'll have to submit a support ticket with GuildPortal.

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