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Aaron Lewis (Blue Collar) 8/31/2011 3:00 PM EST : Mods System Updates
GuildPortal Dev
Aaron Lewis
Posts: 1979
Zomgawsh Poster

A few (hah!) updates have been made to the new mods system:

  • Installed mods that have a newer version will now also allow uninstalling of the mod (previously it would only allow updating to the latest version).
  • Updating to the latest version now indicates that it has done so (previously, it looked like you were never up-to-date).
  • Certain widget-type mods were not rendering.
  • The "Top Mods" widget in the Admin Help Community was sorting by a formula foreign to modern-day mathematics, which we believe was used in earlier centuries to summon demons and sparkling ponies (closely related, by the way). It is now sorting by popularity, using regular numbers.
  • Media file uploads now work. Authors, pretty please with sugar on top use this for storage of files needed by the add-on, instead of linking to external sources.
  • The updating of a mod to the latest version now requires confirmation from the admin if the update includes customizable code (since it will wipe out any already-customized code the admin may have in place).
  • The listing of comments in the mod authors' view now includes which mod the comment is for.
  • The authors' view now includes the ability to search their own mods.
  • Upon saving a new mod revision, the author is asked whether they want to publish it. If they do, it will be marked as ready for review by GP staff. If they don't, it will be ready to test by the author but will not be reviewed until they edit it again, save it, and then indicate they want to publish.
Aaron Lewis,

Mottie (MVP) 8/31/2011 4:52 PM EST : RE: Mods System Updates
GuildPortal MVP
Posts: 3884
Zomgawsh Poster


Mottie (MVP) 9/3/2011 3:48 PM EST : RE: Mods System Updates
GuildPortal MVP
Posts: 3884
Zomgawsh Poster

There is still a bug that if you upload any media files, it clears all of the code tabs; luckily I learned my lesson and saved all of the info first 

Sandy Lewis (Blue Collar) 9/21/2011 2:18 PM EST : RE: Mods System Updates
GuildPortal Support
Sandy Lewis
Posts: 1153
Zomgawsh Poster

Is this still a problem Mottie?
Sandy Lewis, GuildPortal Support
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Mottie (MVP) 9/21/2011 4:40 PM EST : RE: Mods System Updates
GuildPortal MVP
Posts: 3884
Zomgawsh Poster

Yes, it is working now, but when I sort the current file list, it sorts the files be location, then alphabetically. So I didn't realize there ends up being two copies of the file: one on (that isn't updated) and the other in /GuildFiles/ (the one that was just uploaded). It might help if the sort by file name didn't include the domain so I can see the older file duplicates so I can delete them, but no biggie.

Thanks for following up!

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