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Forums : Help from the Community > Custom Level Names, Character editing, officer online box question.
Lone Wolf (New Admin) 12/12/2012 11:39 AM EST : Custom Level Names, Character editing, officer online...
Lone Wolf
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Getting Started!


Me and my guild just move to GuildPortal, and so far we love it.
But i ran in some problems members haves found to be a little bit anoying.

Custom Level Names question.
In the control panel i changed the Level Names to custom ones, but when a person that  is allowd to aprove/reject applications, he/she see's the original level names and that kinda conffusing.
I tagged on "Enable" so in the display boxes the right level names are shown but when the person that has the rights to aprrove wants to do it the see the old names.
Any ideas how to fix this? or is it a little bug in the system?
Also is there a way to add levels to the listing?

(Update : everywhere in the control panel the default names are used, like when i want to set a certain page to a certain member group it gives me the original names and not the custom names)

Character Editing question.
when editing a character people can not directly fill out or edit the crafting proffesion. instead they have to go to their personal profile page (away from the guild page) to do this and its kinda hard to explain this to members that dont have enough experience with sites like this.
So is there a way to implement the crafting editing into the roster like the normal character editing?

Officer online box.
This box only shows Officers (and up, original level names), but since we changed them the officers moved down in the raked listing making them no longer visible in this box. is there someway to arrange the display lvl from the box? when i edit it it gives me no options at all.

Tnx for your time and help.
Lone Wolf.

PS : The facebook like box is showing blank for all members still trying to figure out if this is an error on my side or not.


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