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Chisana (New Admin) 4/2/2013 7:25 PM EST : GPHelper
Posts: 1

I want to know WHAT is going on with GPHelper and the calendar. We made our guild page this morning after reading about all of the "new" updates and addons that Guild Portal has to offer. One of the pros that made us decide to go with Guild Portal was the functionality of being able to synchronize different aspects of your guild with the Guild Portal, such as the bank, the calendar, and the roster. These are all talked about on the Guild Portal website, and GPHelper is mentioned over and over again as the method of synchronization. Yet, the addon does not seem to have been updated since around 2010? If people are paying for this domain and it's not even being maintained, I would assume there are a lot of angry customers out there. I know that Guild Portal is one of the more commonly used services, so I'm just confused. If this is being maintained, then why isn't the information out there? Why is not on curse client or the curse website? Why is there no updater? Why is there no tutorial, or even a mention of an update since three years ago? If it is no longer being maintained, then why is it part of the "bonus" of creating a Guild Portal page, and mentioned in the wow integration function under control panel? 

It is very quickly seeming like this Guild Portal site is either a dead or dying web site, or just not as "fresh and new" as the description made it sound. 

If I am wrong about this, please enlighten me. I certainly like to give any service provider the opportunity to correct any mistakes in service given. Otherwise, I will assume this is in fact an inactive website and I will look into this Guild Launch service several people have talked about on these forums. 

Rhortoo (New Admin) 4/6/2013 2:48 PM EST : RE: GPHelper

Posts: 13
Becoming Adept!

Yea I would like to know too. I just signed up myself and can not get the calendar to work, in fact the gphelper addon would not work for me at all, had to have a guildie install it. Do I need to cancel this site and move elsewhere? This question was posted 4 days ago and no response yet????

testeristesting (New Admin) 4/10/2013 4:48 AM EST : RE: GPHelper
Posts: 4
Getting Started!

I also want to know whats going on with this!

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