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538621843_Inactive (New Admin) 2/6/2007 2:17 PM EST : Vanguard:SoH Changes/Updates

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Getting Started!

Hi everyone,

Since Vanguard's gone live, there are a number of differences between the released version and the pre-release information that GP based their data on. I was going to type up a feature request with some of the changes, but I figured it might get a bit long, and there were a couple of things that I wasn't sure about, so I thought I'd post them here first to get opinions from other Vanguard players.

- Add the European server Infineum

- Remove the races Barbarian and Half-Giant
- Add a race called Mordebi
- Rename the race called Qualian to Qaliathari
- Rename the race called Varathari to Varanthari

Adventuring Classes:
- Add adventuring class level as a game stat
- Remove the adventuring classes Berserker and Inquisitor*

*Berserker seems to have been scrapped for now, and Inquisitor hasn't been implemented yet, though it's still planned, as far as I know. The VG Players site still lists them as classes, although the game site does not.

- Remove the crafting classes Herbalist, Stonecrafter and Woodcrafter
- Add the crafting classes Crafter and Artificer
- Add crafting class level as a game stat
- Add the following as game skills:
 > Artificing
 > Mineralogy
 > Carpentry
 > Blacksmithing
 > Weapon Smithing
 > Armor Smithing
 > Outfitting
 > Leatherworking
 > Tailoring

- Remove the diplomacy class game stat
- Add diplomacy skill as a game stat*

*Diplomacy skill could also be a game skill, but the diplomacy sphere is supposed to be on the same level as adventuring and crafting, so it would make sense to see all three of these as primary, roster-worthy attributes.

- Remove harvesting class as a game stat
- Add the following as game skills:
 > Harvesting
 > Skinning
 > Reaping
 > Mining
 > Quarrying
 > Lumberjacking

- Add currency types platinum, silver and copper to the guild funds

Well, that's all I can think of at the moment. If I left anything out, or got anything wrong, let me know. Thanks,

- Meadow Paddlefoot
15 Halfling Cleric, Woefeather


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