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Forums : Feature Discussion > What's missing for your game [DAoC]?
Aaron Lewis (Blue Collar) 7/28/2008 6:45 AM EST : What's missing for your game [DAoC]?
GuildPortal Dev
Aaron Lewis
Posts: 1979
Zomgawsh Poster

Hi there!

We've gotten behind on several expansions, additions, and the like for some of the games we host guilds for.  Specifically, we're wondering what we're missing along these lines:

  • Areas of the game.  The zones listed when you are adding or viewing an event, etc.  What's not there that should be?
  • Classes/races.  What's been added that's missing?  What's named incorrectly?
  • Roster stuff.  What should be displayed that isn't?  What's displayed that doesn't really matter to anybody and should be removed to make room for more important data?
  • Content types.  Are there any types of content that you consistently feel the need for, that is specific to your game, that you would like to see added?

There is one topic like this for each of the games we host, at least the top several, and they are stickied in the Feature Requests forum.  Please, if you would, post only in the one that's specific to your game.  We're trying to clean house before we add some things people have been asking for for a long time now, so your help is very appreciated!

As always, thank you for choosing GuildPortal!

Aaron Lewis,

Legiliwin (Guild Admin) 3/7/2009 8:36 AM EST : RE: What's missing for your game [DAoC]?

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Posts With Wolves

Currently, the options for listing the "Host" of an event on our calendar is limited to a drop-down list of the sites registered users. It would be nice if there was a "Other" selection that allowed you to type in any other name. This way I can list the name of the actual character that is hosting the event in the event it is a alternate character of the registered user or even a character that is not in our guild (i.e., an alliance event or server-wide event that i wish to list on out guild's calendar). As an example... the DAoC Gaheris server has started hosting serverwide community meetings recently. These meetings are hosted by the Gaheris Team Lead. I wish to add these to our guild's calendar but have no option for showing the Gaheris Team Lead (Marriann) as the host. It will only show me as the host. Another example is if I wish to host a guild event myself but with one of my alternate toons (i.e., Allswar-Warrior instead of Legiliwin-Heretic). Legiliwin is currently my only option for Host. I am aware I can add a different name in any written description of a event, however, the calendar itself and the opening info on the event will still show the default registered user's name of the person posting on the calendar.

Thank you very much, Jim

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