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Tubzinsac (Guild Admin) 1/24/2005 5:49 PM EST : Member Info

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You know when you click a persons handle on one of their forum posts it takes you to a page that gives all the information for that indiviual. Is it (and if it is not could it) be possible to have a page for admins (maybe even from the member admin page) that would give us access to that information such as a list of the linked names. It is a pain to want to look up that information and having to sift through forum posts to find a post from that person just to get to that link.

Also is there a way to let admins of a guild know which of their members are accepting mail to their personal mailboxes and which ones have elected only to receive mail through guildportal. Maybe just a symbol next to their name.

**edit if you would like to know what I am talking about click Tubzinsac not the mail icon where my name appears as the poster.


qendiil (New Admin) 3/5/2005 3:46 AM EST : RE: Member Info

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Zomgawsh Poster

Good idea 8)
For me, i'm finding that our members are lazy and don't wanna bebothered with updating any of this info as well. Sucks not being ableto make even simple edits to their member info. Stuff that i knowwithout actually talking to them. Would be nice if we could do thisfrom admin...

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