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Forums : Feature Discussion > Mumble server constantly kicks
Powerwordhug (New Admin) 4/21/2011 8:11 PM EST : Mumble server constantly kicks
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The mumble server randomly kicks you forcing me and others to reconnect continually

Sometimes it stops functioning at all and times out on connect.

The above two entirely defeat the advantages and purpose of having the mumble at all.  A certain level of reliability needs to be reached that currently is not there. 

Further more it being the case that I paid guild portal to purchase the server on my behalf from im guessing ""  I can't request help from them personally and have to rely entirely on guild portal to enquire.  I'm hoping this turns out to be a positive thing rather then negative aspect.  There happens to be a fair few reports of similar issues on gameserver forums for about a month now.

Also any idea how I can push for Mumble Json Url's considering the 3rd party aspect of this arrangement.  


Jackel159 (New Admin) 5/10/2011 2:09 AM EST : RE: Mumble server constantly kicks
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I've dealt with mumble a lot and can consider myself a pro. Mumble is great, its your hosting service thats bad. Ive been through a few in the past and since mumble isnt as well established yet we have some crappy companies hosting it out there. But don't let that stop you mumble is the best voice software out there! I suggest you get your money back right away refunded... then check out this hosting company. I hooked my last guild leader up with them and she rents a 100 man server thats usually half full just fine. It only goes down once every other night at odd hour to refresh/reboot.  

Oh and you'll prob get a better price deal with these guys.

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