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Forums : Feature Discussion > Thumbnail/Signature Controls
Quate (New Admin) 4/27/2005 10:52 AM EST : Thumbnail/Signature Controls

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Zomgawsh Poster

Im sure there is a post on this already but I just cant seem to locate any of them. Anyhow, I would really like to see some more control over members signatures and thumbnails.

Recently this problem has become a bit much on my website. Alot of people do not seem to understand what a thumbnail is...and they end up turning there thumbnail image into life size self portrait . Same goes for Signatures. This is always going to be a problem, but the only controls I could seem to find are to completely block the signature/thumbnail completely (which I really dont like to do, especially when someone is very proud of what they created), or control the pixel size of the thumbnail which distorts peoples images.

What I would like is to have individual controls for each item...Signatures and Thumbnails. Because sometimes its one or the other. I think it would be nice (if at all possible), to be able to set a size limit to the thumbnail and the signature so that if the thumbnail/signature exceeded that size it would just not show up or something would come up in its place. Doesnt really matter, I would just like to be able to ban LARGE or HUGE signatures and thumbnails from my website somehow.

It would save me having to send out so many darn emails letting people know that there little Picaso's are not so little . Overall I just think it would be nice to have alot more control over these as opposed to the option to block or play with the thumbnail pixel size.

*note* If there is an area and Im completely over looking this let me know lol cause it wouldnt be a first


Ironhand (Guild Admin) 4/28/2005 5:59 AM EST : RE: Thumbnail/Signature Controls

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Zomgawsh Poster

I agree, this would be great.

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Daeaorn (New Admin) 5/1/2005 2:54 AM EST : RE: Thumbnail/Signature Controls

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Zomgawsh Poster


Why is

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To big for a posting signature? It says the max is 1000 characters and i don't think there are 1000 letter in that sig. I used this sig before and it worked fine. Why can't I use it now?


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